A DaBBling Life.

Why a DaBBling Life?

Because my husband and I met on Bumble, and both of our (different) last names started with B’s, so we joked that “Bee’s” were our thing… And, since my husband and I both love to try new hobbies, we joke about how we “dabble”  in things, exploring deeper aspects of life, but also adventures, hobbies, and of course fun things… Plus, he wants so badly to have his own honey bee’s one day!

One day we would love to have a hobby farm, and a silly little brand called “DaBBle B’s”

DaBBle with me (us)!

Urban Plant Life

… since we live in a very urban area, and there is almost no back “yard” space to speak of, and a literal non-existent front space. I am aiming to learn how to grow and harvest herbs, and easy to garden potted plants!

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Let’s Catch Up and Start Over!

So, it was 2019 when I blogged last… Not really that anyone cares, but for more than 2 decades I’ve been blogging and using this space as a way to process. And then life hit, and slowly little by little I just blogged less and less. I think to some degree I had primarily used…

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2019 Journey to Making All Things New

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking through 2019, what was going on in my life a year ago, and all that I have learned throughout this year. And, because I love all things year end reviews, song compilations, top pictures, all of it because it is specific reminders of a full year, not…

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Fully Engaged Healing

Healing is a process.                   (Two weeks after my surgery, when my stitches were going to come out)                   (Pins stabilizing my bones, and when the pins got pulled 6 weeks after surgery)            …

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