Getting Started

So I decided to start over with a new blog instead of my old one.. My goal with this is to focuse more on things of the heart, although they tend to involve day to day happenings. 🙂 i want to have Various things I’m learning, God’s teaching me, or things that have bothered me. I figure it’ll be a great way to stay connected with important things of the heart with the people back home 🙂

Currently I am kinda in a daze with the whirlwind of things God is doing in my life. I spent all summer getting ready to “jump” whenever God gave me the green light… and let me tell you it felt like an extremely long time waiting at the end of the diving board. Now he not only gave me the green light, but pushed me 🙂

I find it an odd thing when you’ve been sitting waiting for one thing for so long… then it finally gets here, and you are so totally caught off guard that you’re no longer confident in the whole thing. Here I am getting ready to move and while I am totally confident and at peace with the place God’s put me… I find that I am still second guessing the fact that I will be free falling completely on my own, with the only “person” there being God. Which is both comforting and scary as well.

I’m super excited to see what God does.. cause lets be honest anything could happen in a city all alone where not only do I know no one.. but I have no readily available means by which to meet people. So, literally every person in my life will be placed there by God.. that’s a weird thought 🙂

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