Amusing moments

I was talking with my mom last night and I was recounting various amusing moments that have happened to me in the week in a half that I’ve been in VA.

I find it interesting how little things can mean so much to me, like “making friends” with a mattress sales man who is bored out of his mind. Or joining a small group and having them be amazed at my “braveness” for moving to a place I know no one… which seems to be the common consensus from everyone I’ve met. Or even the ladies I work with listening with delight as I detail out my search for apartments, mattress shopping, and trying to figure out how to cook for one.. and find my way around the new city I live in.. All of these things are relatively small and insignificant, but I find myself thinking about them later and smiling or laughing at a specific incident. And, I must admit I love those little things 🙂 I love surprising people, or pushing past the nervousness that everyone feels about walking into a room with a dozen people you don’t know.. and then acting like it’s no big deal.

I’ve found that even though I get pretty nervous going to Sunday school with people I’ve never met or seen before, meeting someone who could potentially be my roommate or hanging out with a co-worker and their friends over pizza and a movie.. I’m finding that it’s interesting because each time if I adopt the attitude of “it’s not a big deal, and it’ll be ok” then offer a quick prayer for God to help things go smoothly.. then everything goes better than I could have imagined… Isn’t that such a wonderful thing about God? 🙂 I love it!


ps I’m moving into my new place in a little over a week!

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