So I have been in utter amazement the last couple weeks about how taken care of I am. Which is a weird thought seeing as I’m essentially “alone” in VA. Granted now three weeks in I feel like I have friends and people I can call if I need someone… (Like I did today with my broken car).. But, I think back to how everything has progressed and I am so blessed. God has been so good to me!

I moved and was very scared about how I would do. I mean I’ve always been fine in new situations, but I’ve never been in this type of situation where I knew NO ONE. So I moved and I began working at a place where I knew no one, I started attending a church where I knew no one, I started going to a Sunday school class where I knew no one, I went to a Bible study where again I knew no one, and I found an apartment with a girl I don’t know… That’s a lot of not knowing anyone!

But, then everyone I work with has begun taking care of me and stopping into my office to make sure I am adjusting well. Then I met several people from my Sunday school class that I sit with during church now. I have several people who actually seek me out to sit with me in Sunday school now. My bible study group is amazing and we plan things during the week to do together… and we laugh a lot and eat good food. And my apartment is beautiful, and my roommate is super nice and laid back.

Now I know people, and I am amazed at how easy this was. Granted it took work, I had to actually have the courage (or fake it like I did most of the time) to enter into one situation after another where I didn’t know who to look for, who to talk to, or what to do. And yet three weeks later somehow it all happened. I found a place I fit, not completely yet cause it takes time to completely fit… but I do fit here, and it’s weird.

People ask how I’m doing and I laugh because somehow after three weeks of living alone I’m still happy. I have yet to have the “oh crap what did I do” moment.. which I’m pretty sure is another God thing 🙂

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