My Life’s Call

Ok, so after some conversations I’ve decided I need to make perfectly clear (once again) what I know to be my life’s call.

I will love people for Jesus. I will live my life in a manner that will be pleasing in his sight.. whether anyone else is watching or not. So, with that being said let me make some things CRYSTAL CLEAR.

I don’t care about politics. Did you catch that? I do not care about politics. I don’t care about which candidate will raise or lower taxes, I don’t care which one has a better plan for pulling out of Iraq, I don’t care that one has an uncontrollable pastor, and the other has an inexperienced VP choice… The only thing I do in fact care about? Abortion. That alone makes me vote this November, everything else is trivial.

So, here is why I feel I need to explain this: I don’t care about politics (again in case you missed it). My voice cannot be heard through politics, oh sure the idea is great and there is one guy there representing me and a few thousand other people.. but really my voice isn’t being heard. I can’t call anyone in politics that has any real power and get them to take my call, they won’t respond to my e-mails, and they won’t set a meeting up with me to hear what’s important to me. So, in reality my voice isn’t being heard, it’s being heard in mass (like when everyone “floods the gates of Heaven” and all prays at once.. you hear the mass, not the individual).

So, if that is the case, then why would I care to make my stance there? Why would I choose that as my outlet to make a difference for Jesus?.. It’s pointless, especially since I don’t care enough to understand it.. kinda like Chemistry. I don’t get it, but I’m glad someone is there getting it and working at it.

If I can’t make a difference in the souls of anyone.. much less millions, why in the world.. or for the sake of eternity would I choose to waste my effort there? Why would I sit here and debate over which party has a better “plan” cause lets be honest.. they can want to do all kinds of wonderful things, half of which will be compromised like everyone else before them.. and either way.. NONE OF IT SAVES ANOTHER SOUL FOR JESUS. How can I live my life of “one more for Jesus” or “Love people for Jesus” or “Live in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord” if I choose my way of doing that in a way that fires people up, gets them mad at each other or causes bitterness?… and that’s on the person to person level! Where’s the love there? What is the point?

The point? mmmm that’s a good question.. Let me make something else clear to you… McCain, Obama, Biden, Palin.. none of them will “save” our country. The economy always takes a low after a while.. it will come back. But, again none of them will “save us”… The Bible clearly states that times will continue to get worse (did you catch that?.. continue to get worse).. So much so that blood will flow in the streets.. Granted I don’t know if that’s here or in the Middle East, but since I haven’t seen any blood FLOWING in the streets then I am left to assume that it will only continue to get worse… which means it won’t get better.. which means that my job isn’t done.

November 4th is another day just like every other.. I get another opportunity to love people for Jesus, to show his love, to show his joy, and to show his caring nature. Why would I put my hope in Obama or McCain to give me hope of things getting better?.. That’s stupid. I don’t wake up every morning putting my hope on November 4th.. I don’t wake up every morning putting my hope for January.. I don’t wake up every morning with hope for getting married some day.. I don’t wake up every morning hoping that I will have children some day..

I wake up every morning with hope that I will be closer with God than I was yesterday, and that I will live my life to please him, that I will love and show my love to anyone and everyone I come in contact with. THAT is what keeps my heart going every morning.

So, think about it, things WILL get worse no matter who is elected. Your “voice” is not being heard, and why would you choose to show Jesus to people through politics when it clearly isn’t anything that has brought people to their knees crying out to Jesus?

And to be clear.. I will vote for McCain November 4th because he is against Abortion which is murder, but I am voting not because I feel I will make a difference or because I want to have hope for tomorrow but because I understand that everyone SHOULD vote.. So in the midst of this all I choose not to debate over it cause I won’t change my mind and you won’t change yours.. so why argue??

I choose love. Not sappy love, but true, raw, real, explosive, energetic Love.. Agape.

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