It never ceases to amaze me how much friends are God’s fingerprints in our life. I am always blown away by how every time I’m struggling God always sends friends to be there to cheer me up, listen to me vent, they don’t try to justify or correct.. but just let me get it all out, then lovingly remind me of things I know but have forgotten, or tell me things they’ve seen and observed, and given me their opinions without it being aggravatingly the same as all the other answers from people.. They push me towards God, encourage me when I’m trying to be in God’s face about anything and everything I’m excited about, frustrated about, scared about, aggravated about, worried about.. anything.

And, the other thing that amazes me about it all is the depth you can have with people you never expected to have.. Like one of my friends, we’ve joked and laughed about how odd it is that we are best friends now… We both had the same view of each other when we met, and neither of us thought we’d be able to be friends.. But, true to God’s humor it turns out we are so similar that it allows us to know exactly how to react, respond, love, encourage, and listen to each other.. Then there is the friends I’ve made here in VA.. I never would have expected to be so close to a couple people so fast.. I can just see God being like “oh my, this child need help…” It’s different because there are little things that I’m not comfortable with yet (like hugging as much as I’d like to).. but that will come with time 🙂

Lord, thank you for being faithful. Thank you for filling my heart with you, and speaking to me with an audible voice through my friends. Thank you for comforting my troubled heart when I come to you. Thank you for letting me feel your presence every day. I truly want you to be my everything, but I don’t know how… so please help me to know what that means.

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