My Joy in Christmas

I seriously have never been able to figure out how people don’t like Christmas.. I mean what’s not to like?!

I mean think about it.. This is when God SHOWED us that not only did He love us enough to create us, give us this amazingly beautiful world, and each other.. and not only does He desire for us to truly LOVE Him in return.. So, He has all that… and then He gives us the most important thing to Him!!… In the form of an adorable little baby boy 🙂

Then, on top of that amazing wonderful reason to be happy and excited.. we have the celebration of all of that! I mean don’t get me wrong, sometimes family get togethers with extended family can be much close to world war III.. but I love them still. One of my favorite things is to just sit and watch them, laugh at their antics.. to truly take a minute to cherish and BE in the moment. I know it won’t last forever and I love when my family is simply being my family 🙂

And, I have gone to probably 12 Christmas parties this year between work related ones and ones my friends have put together.. and I’ve loved every single one of them. 🙂

AND THEN.. as if all that wasn’t enough to love Christmas.. Christmas day is just wonderful!… My family has such a great time just interacting and laughing and giving each other gifts. It’s so much fun 🙂 We laugh and exchange hugs, open serious gifts, joke around, we get each other things we’ve been needing or wanting for a long time.. Then, we eat good food and just hang out ALL day playing 🙂

It’s great. It’s why I drove 15 hours in terrible weather through the night.

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