So, recently I’ve been learning a lot about community. Not community like “oh hey, all 40 of us live on this floor and share 3 showers and 2 toilets, and sing to each other while we get ready for the day..”

But, I mean actual community where you help each other, look out for each other, encourage, feed, laugh, listen… basically become family.

It’s different cause my mom once said “Krista you create your family around you everywhere you go…” I kinda just laughed at her cause it seemed like a cute little quaint comment to make, but now I realize how totally and completely accurate my mom was 🙂 (what a wise Mom I have! lol)

When I think about it.. community makes sense, we were CREATED to be in community.. the whole meaning of life is relationships… aka community. Adam got Eve because he needed community, God desires community with us, depression takes place when we don’t have community.. etc..etc..

So, why wouldn’t we try our best to create a community that serves as a foundation that we can stand on, and a place we can learn to be our best?

I think the biggest reason I’m sorta getting an “aha” time with this is because of the community where I live currently. I mean it’s different lol Some call it a “Bubble”… but in reality it’s not, it’s nothing like the college I went to, and maybe I would feel differently if I was actually GOING to the college here. However, I feel like there is a solid group of people that serve as the foundation for each other, but then encourage each other to get up and go, serve, move, grow, reach out.. And, at the exact same time serve as the check to make sure it’s all for the correct purposes. That the motives are truly from/for God.

But, it’s interesting… What makes you feel like you have community?

For me personally, I need to know I’m cared for.. not just “oh hey how’s it going?” type.. but truly cared for. I love sharing my life.. which sounds odd, but simple things like making dinner, getting together to laugh, watch movies, having coffee, complete tasks, play games, bantering, being serious, exchange back rubs lol anything really… I love taking people into my life and sharing it with them. I love it even more when they do it back and our lives at least in part assimilate together. I LOVE when I can be sitting next to someone totally silent.. then suddenly ask “why do you think……” or “How does God…..” and have them take me serious enough to answer (even though usually they laugh first cause it’s so random:).

I love that the community that is established here basically operates as a large family that lives 2..5..10 minutes apart. We work (sometimes together), go to church (usually) at the same place, live together (most of us), but then eating, and entertainment always include each other… granted the group is so large it’s never everyone.. but little pockets that shift and change people depending on the night and the activity. And the wonderful part is that it doesn’t matter if you know the people or the house your going to, and it doesn’t matter if you were specifically invited.. everyone just takes everyone and invites anyone 🙂

How cool is that? I mean obviously there are people who are closer.. but I don’t feel “cliques”… just people who are closer friends, but still love and accept everyone else. It’s cool 🙂

So we do all these things, then seriously fiercely encourage growth in Jesus and challenge each other to reach out so others can know too..

It’s exciting, and I hope and pray that you have it too. I pray that you find that, even if it’ a smaller group than what I have (I’ve always been known for my people lol).. If you don’t… seriously seek one out, create one of your own. Just make sure they push you towards our Savior, that’s important.

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