The President and My Thoughts

So, fun lunch today.. Watched “History” as everyone keeps calling it (as though every other one isn’t history as well..). I find a few things interesting, and thought I’d share..

Being in the south with a President who is half black is interesting.. Some of the older ladies commented on their thought process.. which was less than something to be proud of. But, we talked about the differences cause I was beginning to seriously FEEL the difference being from the North has made in my life. So, I said I thought their thought process was weird.. and completely foreign to me. The response? “Well, honey this is the south..” as though that makes it any better… kinda like bless your heart (you stupid retard).

So what do I think?.. He’s a man who is half black. I don’t really care that his middle name is Hussein.. I don’t really care that he looks black. I don’t think he will save us though.. I don’t think McCain, Huckabee, Palin or any one of them could save us… Regardless of the man in the role as president the world will continue to get worse, we will continue to hurt each other, people will continue to die, people will continue to go to Hell. How sad. He will probably do some good things, he will do some terrible things, and he will have to answer for each. Praise Jesus it’s not my choice or job to judge him!

See, I had a friend (who is black) say that he hates it when people say “I don’t even see the color”.. he said that’s stupid because he sees it when he looks in the mirror. It’s not racist to notice someone is WHITE, freckled, tan, black, whatever. That’s not racism. It’s not racist to ask a white girl what challenges she sees or feels by being interested, dating or being married to a black man.. that’s called curiosity. It’s the same thing my parents went through with my mom being German.. she LOOKS white, but she’s not the typical white American I promise. There are cultural differences and challenges regardless of color. Noticing that someone is white, black, asian, hispanic etc..etc.. that’s not racism. Racism is hating them because of it. Thinking less of them because they look like someone else you know who wasn’t good in your eyes. Treating them poorly because they don’t look like you… Those things are all racism. But the reality is you can be racist against people who DO look like you.. hence the issue with the Hutu and the Tutsi in Rwanda.. they LOOK alike for the most part but they were from different tribes and thus hated and killed each other and caused a genocide! Now that is racism. Hitler did it.. heck the Japanese do it to other Japanese in Okinawa, or along the boarders where Japanese married someone who wasn’t Japanese… It happens all over the place and isn’t a problem that for some reason whites and blacks have.


I figure it doesn’t matter, my life hasn’t changed and probably won’t change with having Obama as President. My job, my passion, and my calling is the same, it has no reason to change… I will love and serve my sweet Savior Jesus until it’s time for me to see Him. I will try to show that, express that with every part of who I am and what I say. I will do my best to help others to see that and get that too. So, why would having a “black president who’s middle name is Hussein” change that?

I really hope that if this is exactly what blacks feel they need, they use it to light a fire under themselves. I hope they use this as a reason to stand up to the plate and make a difference… But, with that being said.. I still maintain that some of the most loving people I have ever met are black. I know more wonderful black men and women then I do the stereo typical “lazy ones”.. Especially after going to Africa.. I have never experienced people like those in Africa (and they simply aren’t the same as the “African-Americans”.. they are a very different people). My friend and I joke all the time about all the incredibly attractive black men in our area. And how we wouldn’t mind having a “creamy” (a term used in the movie Australia) child.. and I’m not gonna lie.. some of the cutest little kids are black 🙂 Especially the ones in Africa. So why would I care that we have a black president? And, if this is what blacks need to motivate them.. Good. Use it. But, remember he isn’t our Savior. Jesus is still Savior, He still will return, and the world will still end.

So, to sum up. I don’t care that he’s black. I don’t care that his middle name is Hussein. I just care that people know and LOVE Jesus. Nothing has changed.

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