Getting there…

So, first.. my birthday was great 🙂 Got to sleep in like crazy, had a really fun lunch with some great friends, did some shopping, took a nap, went to my Sunday school teachers house to have dinner with them, then do some cooking… then back to Brits for some cards. It was awesome:)

Today, I got a potted Gerber Daisie plant from my best friend back home 🙂

Yesterday I remembered a conversation I had a year ago with an airport terminal check-in guy in South Africa. He saw it was almost my 23rd birthday and proceeded to tell me that it was the worst year of his life and why.. but reassured me by saying that 24 was the best year ever.. haha.. Hmm.. I wasn’t sure how to take it at the time, especially when Feb-April was real rough for a few reasons… But, looking back it was actually a great year. I can’t think of one thing I HATED or would choose to change, even the hard things I learned a lot from!

If that’s the worst.. HECK YEAH!.. I’m not sure that’ll be the case, but even if it isn’t and I still have the worst times ever ahead of me, I know that I’m in the place where even if I go through some more terrible times God will be there.. AND use it later for wonderful things. So, it will all be worth it in the end!

On other notes… a couple obnoxious things happened today (really with in 20 minutes of each other) that threaten to ruin my day/attitude… But, I’m working on that, because at this point I can’t do anything about it.. and making a big deal about it will cause problems and potentially threaten progress that I’ve made elsewhere. *Sigh* So, letting it go is the only real option that would benefit everyone in the long run. Why is it those types of choices feel like nails on a chalk board regardless of the fact that they are the better option?

One thought on “Getting there…

  1. Hey there, Sweetie. Really, really missed having you here on your birthday. The Winter Session of Backswanza is just not the same without you here.BTW, thanks a WHOLE lot for being there for the little bro. Becca came over to “meet the fam” and was so nervous. I kept thinking, “if only Krista were here, she’d put her at ease so quickly.” Love you and miss you more than you know. Dad.


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