Ok, so I know I already posted today.. but I remembered this and I want to write it down before I forget again and the details get even fuzzier…

So, my Junior year I went on a spring break mission trip to NYC. I met the leader Mike cause of this trip, and our contact person in NYC was Sarah… who subsequently is now one of my all time best friends 🙂 Anyway, the trip was absolutely amazing, homeless ministry is different than any other kind of ministry. I forged friendships with Mike and Sarah both because of the trip.

The following year I worked for Mike for our Phonathon, and convinced him to let me be his intern for the spring semester since I needed to do an internship… and I also became the student leader for the spring break trip he was leading going back to NYC (although Sarah was no longer there). While we were there we go Monday nights with Raven Ministries through Times Square Church to Hell’s Kitchen and serve food. The exact location is under a bridge next to this store and next to this huge open area with fencing. Very NY feeling and kinda creepy because you know you’re in Hell’s Kitchen and there are homeless people everywhere looking to get food.. even though they know they’ll get preached to. The basic idea is feed them food, feed them Jesus. Anyway, we had quite the adventure that night with gang members and leaders showing up.. with their briefcase of drugs… a deaf girl who was sweet but clearly “belonged” to one of the guys..

On our walk back (it was 16 blocks maybe?) I was talking with Jose. One of the regular people who go out with Raven ministries on Monday nights.. I was so blessed and touched that he and Thomas remembered me from the year before and were excited to see me. Anyway, Jose and I were talking about my plans and what I was going to do.. was I going to ever come back.. etc..etc.. Well, at that time I was going through the process of joining the Peace Corps. I was heading to Africa for 27 months and I was excited, but scared too. So, we talked about why I was going and what I wanted to do.. I told him all about how I want to love people for Jesus, which is why I loved the NYC trip so much. He began telling me a story that still blows my mind.. part of me thinks there’s no way it happened.. but I know it did.

Jose’s friend is a missionary in India. I don’t remember his friend’s name, so we’ll call him Jon. This story took place 6 months prior.. soo it happened October of ’06. Jon was stationed in a smaller city in India, and he used to walk around praying for the people because while they were decently open to the idea of Jesus they didn’t understand he was THE ONLY God… They had tree gods and monkey gods etc…etc… So, getting them to understand was a real challenge. Anyway, one day in October a young boy of 6 or so died. I don’t remember why but it sorta sent the whole city into mourning. Apparently their customs have them taking several days to go through all the burial traditions.. but, they were doing it and seriously mourning this little boy. So… what did Jon do?.. He told them “My God can bring this boy back.”

** Ok, pause. I don’t know.. actually no.. I do know.. I don’t have enough faith to stand in front of a whole city and say that my God could bring someone back from the dead! I mean what if God’s will or plan was different than mine?!**

So, obviously the next question is “Ok, what do we have to do?” Jon explained to a captive audience who Jesus was and what He did, and told them they had to pray and have faith that Jesus would bring this boy back. So, they did.. They prayed and had faith, and while they were doing that Jon read to them the passage where the Centurion Guard begged Jesus to save his daughter.. and Jesus said because of your faith it is done… RIGHT AS HE FINISHED.. the boy started coughing and WOKE UP!..

**Ok, pause again. At this point it’s been 3 days.. (hmm kinda funny) but the boy wasn’t just sleeping, he was DEAD FOR DAYS.. and just coughed and woke up!.. I would’ve LOVE to have seen the faces of the people there haha!**

Because of this event the entire city has become saved and they believe in ONLY Jesus, and now they are reaching out to the surrounding cities and those cities are becoming saved because of this event…..

So.. Because of Jon’s faith now hundreds with a strong leaning towards thousands will be spending forever with me. I don’t have that kind of faith.I wish I did.. and I intend to do what I can to make mountains jump into the sea…

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