Do You HATE Them?…

Ok, so here’s the scenario…

A random person you’ve never met is standing in the road and is looking the direction traffic is going. You turn and see a truck barreling down on them so you say “uhm, excuse me a truck is going to hit and kill you…” They ignore you, and the truck gets closer. So you try again, “No, seriously you need to get out of the road.. NOW!” They smirk and laugh and say “you’re crazy, there is no truck.” All the while not bothering to hear the horn or turn around to see the truck coming right for them….. What do you do? “Ok, sorry to bother you, hope you have a good day..” Tackle them out of the way?.. What do you do?

I mean the reality is if you don’t tackle them out of the way with force they will die. So, do you hate this random person you’ve never met enough to just walk away because they won’t believe you? How much do you hate them to sentence them to death?

Here’s the real scenario…

Every single random person you’ve ever met who does not know Jesus is going to Hell. How can I choose not to tell them, even if it means disagreeing? I mean do I hate them enough to say “ok, well you have a good day then..”

Last night I teared up when Dr. Caner showed this at Campus Church…. Penn is a vocal Atheist.

How much do I hate them?

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