Whatever You Do…

“Whatever you do, do it well.” That’s a pretty ambiguous statement, makes sense.. but what about the fact that every day I have a million thoughts of things I have to do…

My meeting tomorrow, the event coming up, the agenda to create, the logo to approve, the dry erase board that needs to be updated, the calendar that needs to be updated, the advertisements that need to be created, the impending laundry that I loath, the church activities, the hours upon hours of driving, the letters I should’ve wrote last week so need to write this week, the emails I haven’t returned, the doctors appointments I need to make, the gym time I need to have, the bills I need to pay, the friends I need to call, the shopping I’ve been putting off, the journal entries I’ve neglected, the sleep I wish I’d gotten, the friend who needs my time, the friends I wish I had more time with, the people I want to get to know, the time I need with Jesus, the daily Bible reading I committed to, the book I’d rather be reading.. etc..etc.. See? This is a fraction of my thoughts every day..

Obviously the first and pretty much only important one is Jesus my Sweet Savior. He has to be first in everything I do. Ever aspect of my goals and my daily tasks have to be compared to Him and what He’s tasked me to do. The biggest and most important task I’ve been given is the same as everyone else.. Love God, Love others. Simple.. but then you contrast that with the feelings of urgency.. Obviously my list can get tiring just reading it..

How do I possibly prioritize it all? Honestly I don’t know… When I actually write it down or hear someone else talk about all the things I do, I get overwhelmed lol

How do I contrast my insanely long list of things to do with my never ending quest to be perfect? I mean ultimately these things will all get juggled expertly for a little while, then slowly little by little they begin to get lost and fall to the ground. So, how do I become the “Proverbs 31 Woman” ? haha I dunno.. I’m still figuring it out, but obviously she is no lazy bumpkin who just does whatever. She is determined, stubborn, always learning, and driven. I want to be like that… not tired, lazy, and unsure.

I want to be graceful in every situation, learning and growing through both good and bad situations and times, I want to handle rough times with good composure, and take great times with an attitude of humbleness… I want to learn from friends when they don’t realize they’re speaking to my heart, and I want to unknowingly encourage others by the way I live my life. I want to live a life worth living and Love a God I’m not worthy to Love. I want to be exactly who I was created to be and accomplish the tasks I was given by my Sweet Loving Savior.. There’s really nothing better than that…

A while ago I had a friend ask me (cause his mom asked him) “If your whole life’s purpose was to save one soul, and that was it. Is that enough for you?” My first reaction (as was his) was “uhm, nope, not even close.” But, then his mom said something that you can’t help but listen to “Who are you to tell God what’s good enough and what’s a worthy enough purpose?”….. Dang. It caused both he and I to pause and think for sure..

So, I really just need to accomplish the goal my Jesus has given to me, regardless of what I want or think is important.. I need Him and His purpose more. There’s something comforting about that idea.. less complicated. 🙂

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