You’re important…

I love saying to people “will you be my friend?” “I’m glad we’re friends” “can we be friends tomorrow?” “why aren’t you my friend?” usually these are always said to people I am good friends with or people who we are close but haven’t gotten the chance to hang out much. I love watching their reactions after I’ve said that because it usually is confusion mixed with a recognition of humor…

But really, the reason I love this saying is that it’s a humorous way of letting someone know they are important to me and I care for them.. aka I love them 🙂 I enjoy a lot the small things in letting people know they are important.

I also really like making a point to ask people how they are before I go any further in the conversation either on the phone or otherwise.. And I’m fairly certain I’ve said this before, but I enjoy their reactions.. my favorite is when like my one friend laughs and it catches him off guard cause they’re used to being asked what’s going on or what’s up.. which is an entirely different question.

I enjoy things like the other night where I spent HOURS and lots of money preparing to have all these beautiful friends of mine come over and have a spa/girls night.. it was wonderful and they laughed and we ate way more fruit and fondue than we should have lol …. but it’s fun and I love those things. I’m not very good at accepting it in return though 🙂 A few have figured out what I need, and I’m fairly selective on my reliance back on others, in part because I’ve decided to focus on what I can do to help others instead of what I need to “feel ok”.. I’m not as concerned about that, I don’t want my reactions and my life to be about how I feel. But more about what I know is important… My friends are important. My family is important. Those that don’t know Jesus are important. You are important.

If for no other reason or you don’t feel like you are or you’re right now at this very moment doubting… Jesus loves you, and that means more than you realize.

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