Forgiving Can Actually Be Pride…

Today at Sunday school my friend Patrick spoke, and first.. he did an amazing job, and I love listening to him teach because he always has a unique way of putting everything. Ok, on to his point..

He talked about how the cross is the answer. He went into detail talking about how when it talks about how Jesus died on the cross He left our sins there even though He came down and rose again.. “This he set aside, nailing it to the cross.” – Colossians 2:14b … Think about it, every sin we’ve ever committed is still there.. nailed to that cross, with every drop of blood, it’s stuck, still there… But, what about the fact that every sin we have YET to commit, the one we’ll do tomorrow, the day after.. the one we choose to beat ourselves up over…

Ok, so that brought up the whole issue of the fact that we will beat ourselves up over things that we’ve done. When we screw up and we sin.. then we ask for forgiveness.. then we beat ourselves up over it… The real issue actually becomes a pride issue. Ok, wait what?! Pride?… no no.. ok, maybe.. But, think about it.. If you ask Jesus for forgiveness, and then continue to beat yourself up over it, what you’re actually telling God is that your forgiveness is more important than His forgiveness…. Which actually is a pride issue.

When our forgiveness of ourselves is more important than God’s forgiveness of us that becomes a pride issue. hmm…

I have more to say from Patrick’s talk this morning.. but I’m really just gonna leave it at that.

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