Black and White Perspective…

Random thought to start my blog with, I’ve been listening to podcast sermons on my way into work lately.. and it’s been absolutely amazing. I pop it on and my driving kicks to autopilot (not literally but I get so focused on what I’m listening to that I tend to just let myself go through the motions of my drive to work). The podcasts are perfectly timed, so I end up with about enough time for 1-3 songs before I arrive to work. I find that I seriously desire and look forward to these drives. 🙂

Here’s my question.. What are you using as your perspective? This is a rather new thought in my head, and I’ll do my best to unpack it, but it may come out some in random form instead of linear (sorry).

So often we look at our lives and we compare it to “the Jones” I mean it may not literally be the Jones’, but it may be your best friend, a group of people you wish you were a part of, a group you ARE a part of, the news, the world, your family, your city etc..etc.. the list can go on and on. I can think of a whole bunch of things that I use as my perspective on life and myself.

How often do we assume the “lesser of two evils” mentality? How many times a day do I think it’s ok just this once, or because no one is around, or because so and so did it it MUST be ok, or at least I didn’t do ______… whatever, fill in the blank for yourself. But, the reality is Jesus didn’t give us the freedom of gray’s, He gave us black and He gave us white. We either are right or we are wrong.

Now, hear me for just a second… the problem with gray is it inherently means you’re using the wrong things as a perspective… Gray means it’s right for me but not for you. It’s ok that I sin because it’s not as bad as your sin. It’s ok that you’re lying as long as you don’t… murder… It’s ok to not help someone because surely God will help them… The problem assumes that God doesn’t want you to do it, or that God isn’t asking you to be who he wants you to be.

I’m not a fan of grays in life. I never really have been, I tried for a while to let gray be ok… mainly because several people pointed out my black and white perspective and I got gun shy and it took me a while to figure out if black and white was truly ok. What if gray was right?… Well, the reality is if Jesus is my perspective there is no Gray.

Now, I’m NOT talking about “I don’t drink so you shouldn’t” or “You can eat ham, but I don’t” nothing like that.. All of that is explained in the Bible. I’m talking about moral issues, choices of right and wrong, not personal preferences. I’m not talking about the body of Christ having different strengths and choosing not to do something they aren’t good at. God gave us variety in “us” in our community so that we can all have strengths and weaknesses. It’s ok if I choose not to do things I’m not good at, and instead focus on the things I am good at… none of those are inherently a sin… unless God tells me to and I say no… that’s when it becomes a sin.

What I AM talking about is when I (or people) choose to not say anything… When I choose to not listen when God speaks to me.. When I allow fear to get in the way… When I don’t say “Jesus Loves You” because I know the person isn’t a Christian… When I choose to do something because it’s not NEARLY as bad as so and so… When It’s ok for me to listen to THIS song because it isn’t as bad as THAT song.. As soon as I rationalize what I’m doing, it becomes a sin, I’ve missed the mark.. Chance are I missed a moment with my Savior. The idea that I missed a moment with my Savior makes my heart hurt. To think of all the times I chose not to look at Jesus and spend a moment with Him… Uhg, I can’t explain how much that hurts.

What I do know is that I hate the idea of gray. I hate that someone feels it’s ok for me to not say something and CHOOSE to ignore the love I could lavish on someone else… How can I say I love my Jesus, my Sweet King, my Savior, my Daddy.. How can I say those things and then tell someone else “I’m sorry, I won’t show you what He’s shown me.” That’s not Love, that’s ignorance and selfishness.

If you believe in Jesus, then it’s black and white, no gray.

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