The Same Spirit…

I heard today on my way into work this idea that is so basic yet so ironically hard to remember…

It is the SAME spirit that flows in us. The same one that makes me love being around people as much as I can, the same one that makes me want to love the poor, the same one that makes me want to Love people for Jesus, the same one that makes you not desire those same things with every fiber of every portion of every moment like me.. The same one that makes you love theology and apologetics that I can listen to for a bit, but have no desire to repeat, the same one that makes you delight in teaching, giving, mentoring, praying, reading… these are all gifts from THE SAME SPIRIT.

We were made differently on purpose. We were created each with a part to play, a dance to complete on purpose. My path was set up and created this way so that at some point I would need you and your passions and you would need mine. It’s the same one. It’s ok that I don’t desire what you do, it’s ok that you will never understand how much I long and desire and ache to do foreign missions full time… It’s ok that you work to get a paycheck so you can do other things.. it’s ok that I desire to be itinerant and you desire to be close to home.. We were made to be that way so that on every front in every situation in every moment someone is created to hold the line, to be the best, to take watch while someone else rests.

hmm.. I like that 🙂

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