Oh the Guys…

A couple things that I’ve been mulling over lately…

First, people can be weird, creepy, odd, psycho, etc..etc.. but my God is bigger than they are so I refuse to be scared. I WILL be aware and alert and cautious.. but not scared.

Second, while guys can be frustrating and confusing.. I’ve had some great conversations and things that have happened that helped… My friend Patrick and I were talking about all kinds of things (both our minds wander, so we tend to follow each other’s wanderings).. Anyway, one of the things he mentioned was that it’s ok for girls to not know how they feel about a relationship… but that guys don’t get that luxury. Now, before anyone gets all up in arms about it, hear me (or us since he said it first)… Once a guy decides to pursue a relationship he no longer has the right to not know how he feels. If he doesn’t know if he likes a girl or not, he shouldn’t be pursuing… but, while he’s pursuing she has every right to not know how she feels about him and the relationship. Which, to that I would add… she needs to be honest about it all from the beginning too.. it’s ok to tell him you don’t know how you feel.

Also, yesterday was such a random assortment of things.. good, bad, stressful etc..etc.. But, what was abundantly clear was 2 things.. first.. My God is amazing and clearly loves me/us. Second, I have some amazing guy friends who care very much for me and my friends… even if they don’t know the girls well. I cannot begin to tell you how comforting it is to know that.. to see it played out and realize these guys truly are not just talk.. they love Jesus and they will do anything He asks of them. I seriously appreciate when guys take their role seriously and act on that.. So, because I know I don’t say it enough..

Thank you to all the guys who take your role seriously and actively pursue God and what He asks of you. I seriously appreciate it, and it makes a world of difference for me and all the other girls, and I know we don’t tell you enough… So, THANK YOU! 🙂

The End 🙂

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