In the Moments…

I dunno if you’ve ever experienced this, but I’ve been thinking lately about all the little moments in my life that create significant differences.

Here are a couple moments in my life recently that have had a significant difference in my mood, heart, life.. etc..

I heard a song that ALWAYS reminds me of my daddy.. so I texted him the lyrics “Every time I tried to tell you the words just came out wrong, so I had to say I love you in a song” just to let him know I was thinking of him 🙂 … I love these things cause it makes me feel like I’ve connected and affirmed the relationship.

I got to have coffee and chat with Brit for like 2 1/2 hours after an insanely long day… We got the chance to just talk about wherever our hearts wandered. She is so good for me. 🙂

I have recently decided there are certain aspects of my history I am incredibly proud of… so in an effort to make sure I don’t let those go I’ve begun reminding myself of basics of German, and including that in talking with my mom… That, and I miss hearing German every day as though it’s normal. 🙂

Since I am such a touch person there have been soo many people who make a point to hug me, or just pat my back, rub my shoulders.. whatever.. and although it’s small and not a big deal, not long.. whatever, you have no idea the mental change that goes on inside.. I can go from a “whatever” day to “such a good day” in the amount of time I get a hug and a “how are you?”… it’s really rather amazing!

I appreciate when people go out of their way or do something that doesn’t benefit them.. like giving up a sweatshirt when I didn’t ask, but was cold. When they compliment my hair, or outfit, or make-up… or don’t say when I look terrible 😉 haha… All those things are so appreciated, and doesn’t benefit them at all.. which makes it so much more meaningful.

I appreciate it when someone makes it clear I’m not just welcomed to be around, but that I’m wanted. Either in my presence or in just sitting next to or near someone.

I cannot begin to explain how wonderful it is to have people actively seeking to mentor and love on you. I was able to chat with Lisa a lady who’s husband teaches our Sunday School class.. she’s essentially become the mom to all of us who attend. And, we just had a great conversation.. not super long, but long enough to make you leave feeling special. She essentially told me the same thing my parents have been saying for years, but it’s somehow different when someone who doesn’t know you intricately like your parents do… She told me some things she saw as gifts, and how it blesses others when I’m around.. It was just so simple and sweet.

As silly as it sounds, inside jokes are some of my favorite things… Not that I’m not willing to share or include others in the joke. But, they simply make you feel special because you understand either that person, a situation, something funny, or whatever that no one or few others understand… It gives you that connection. I love it 🙂

I appreciate it when friends drive 8 hours one way to spend Easter weekend with me :).. I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to see them!

My prayer is that I can do just a fraction of these things in return for other people, to help them feel precious, important, cared for, and loved. That, in all these tiny moments I can show them Jesus and refresh their spirit. I want my moments and my days to be about doing things and being places that will encourage others. Half the things I do, I go or do them because I want to make sure others know they’re cared for. So, my prayer is that I can somehow make others feel the way they make me feel 🙂 Or, pass it on to someone who doesn’t get it.

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