Be Dull or Be Revived…

Ok, so this week has been one of those weeks where I had literally more to do than I had time for. And, while that’s the case most weeks, usually it just requires me to give a little more, give up my extra free time.. This week that was simply not the case. I became quickly stressed because it was not a matter of just giving up my extra time or just actually focusing. Nope. This week it was about not having any time extra other than my sleeping or eating (and on more occasions than I will admit I let go of my right to eat so I could get extra time in…).

This week in Krista’s world of work…
7 Attitude stricken seniors.
2 All day directors meetings.
1 Quarterly magazine.
1 Becoming an adult camp.
1 Info packet for coworkers.

This week in Krista’s non-work world…
1 Video creation for a friend.
1 Screen play read and review.
1 Synopsis review.
1 Sunday school birthday party.
4 Days behind on my daily Bible reading.
5 Days less of my hour drive/God time.
3 Friends in serious need of Krista phone time.
2 Friends in serious want of Krista phone time.
1 Mom in serious need of Krista phone time.

I physically had no time. *sigh* I can handle all these things usually with a flawless ability to work it all out.. it just, was the butt kicker when I had a seriously lacking amount of drive time to spend with my Savior…

Wednesday I definitely needed my Jesus time. Time to worship, reconnect, hear from, speak to, sit with, and love my Savior. Before Wednesday I was dull.. I was worn out, and I was running on empty. After the service I definitely felt better, like I’d been hugged by the only one who meant anything. My Savior touched the heart He created and reminded me it’s ok to not know how to work it out, fix it, do it, whatever.. I’m totally incapable and need Him, and that’s ok. Granted the stress didn’t go away, it wasn’t suddenly all better… I still had to be on my game that I felt like I was losing, I still had to give it everything I had.. But, I no longer felt desperate for something inside. I knew it would be ok, I might just miss a couple of the things I was juggling… and that’s ok.

So, be dull, be empty, be desperate…


be still, be peaceful, be revived, be renewed.

Not really a hard decision to make. Sit with Jesus for a few moments.

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