Not For You…

Something that perplexes me.. Why do people find it so hard to say what they believe? I mean I understand that essentially it’s fear of rejection, getting accosted, being proven stupid.. whatever. I get fear. What I don’t get is when you KNOW you are right, and choose to be silent. How can you believe something is THE way and not speak about it?.. or show it.. or talk about it at all?

If something is truth.. how can you choose not to believe? Nothing can be “true for me, but not for you”.. Life doesn’t work that way. It either is or it isn’t.

Here’s what I’m NOT saying.. I’m not saying be stubborn and bull headed and refuse to listen because you know you’re right. The Bible is pretty clear about seeking wisdom and learning. So, I believe it’s important to listen and evaluate, if for nothing else it gives you more things to either prove your side or it corrects flaws.

Be teachable. Be loving. Be compassionate. But, just BE something.. don’t whimpily decide you’re gonna just float by.. decide to do something.. Each day, choose to say things like “God bless you.” or some of my favorites are “Jesus loves you” “aww, God is soo good!” simple things that are not offensive, especially delivered correctly, but it allows people to know exactly where you stand.

Seriously, I do not understand how Christians.. or anyone else for that matter can say “I believe this with all of my heart, but it’s ok that you don’t”… That’s a terrible view point! One that I can’t get my mind to wrap around.. Well, actually I refuse to allow my mind to be ok with it. When people say “that’s ok, it’s what I believe, but it’s just not for you…” I feel like screaming and shooting them in the face.. SERIOUSLY!?.. Come ON! That’s such a ridiculous point of view.. what you’re really saying is one of two things…

“I don’t know if I believe this, so I don’t want to argue my point..” or
“I don’t care if you know the truth or not cause I don’t really care about you.”

Awesome. Jerk.

I realize I come across as very.. abrasive on this topic (along with a whole bunch of others).. But, the bottom line is if our goal is to be perfect, then why are we second guessing what we know to be true? Why are we so worried about people looking at us like we’re dumb?… The irony.. not one single time has anyone ever yelled at me.. I’ve never once had someone tell me I was an idiot, or cuss me out, or act rudely. Why? Because I state how I feel, and allow my actions to prove I truly care about them regardless.

It IS possible to disagree.. and let them know you don’t agree with their actions or statements or whatever.. and then still choose to show them the Love you take for granted daily.

Think about it. They will never understand the love you’ve been shown by Jesus… So, how dare you not share when you can.

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