Resonating Truth…

I was talking with a friend today who is going through an incredibly rough and trying time. I made mention to this friend of the fact that they don’t realize what they mean to those around them, and the response was interesting I thought.. They said that most people don’t realize (touche), and that if learning what we mean to others becomes our focus we’ve lost what our focus is supposed to be… Which is God… which is depicted in Galatians 1:10… I thought that was really interesting, and obviously a good point. But, we continued and I pointed out that sometimes it’s important for us to know so that we can almost get a glimpse of who we are to God and how he sees us. I can think of all kinds of times when I had a view of myself, a bad day/week/month/year, a misconception of what others thought etc..etc.. and someone or a couple people completely changed my view because they saw what I didn’t… And, I’m not talking physical qualities, although those are always nice to hear πŸ˜‰ But, I’m really talking about deep down core.. Who I am.

This friend and I began talking about that and how it’s so easy to point to God and say “It’s all Him”… and that’s true, but I think what makes it “ours” at the same time is that when we allow God to use us, shine through us… etc.. etc.. we begin to act and express things in a way that “rings true” to those around us. We act or say something and we do it in a way that only we could have, which allows us to reach someone in a new or different way then anyone else around us… Then, the more they get to know us and get closer to us the more we point back to God as the source.. and it just clicks with them in some way… It resonates in only the way that it can when God’s there. πŸ™‚

I wish I had the time to sit here and detail out all the many ways those around me have effected my life, pushed me closer to God, helped heal my heart, added joy to my life, created a safe place for me, whatever… But, the reality is, I know too many phenomenal people haha πŸ™‚ I am truly blessed to have found so many in every place I’ve moved to. I really hope that I am conveying the same thing to those around me wherever I go…

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