Little Light Bulbs…

I’m in the process of creating a “class” aka “bible study” aka “girls small group” for whatever girls decide to join at work. It’s for my beautiful teen girls, and the basics of it revolve around purity. Purity in thought and actions, and my goal is to help them understand truly what they are doing to themselves when they make certain choices or allow themselves to think in certain ways.

In an attempt to help me I went to the store and looked through easily 100 books trying to find things that would give me words to tell them… I found a bunch, but settled on 2 for now. “Lies Young Women Believe: and The Truth That Sets Them Free” and “Wait For Me.” I’ve just begun going through them, but I just thought I’d post the beginning and we’ll sorta see where this leads to as I progress through these books in the next month preparing for this class for these precious girls.

My hope is that not only can I reach them and cause a little light bulb to go on in their minds, but also to find my sweet Jesus more in the midst of this. I truly hope that regardless of their pasts they can see how much value they truly have, and that they will choose that value instead of acting on the lies Satan tells them.

I pray little light bulbs go off in their minds and hearts as we spend Summer Monday’s doing this. 🙂 Please remember them in your prayers.

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