Best He Has To Offer…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it is that God is offering me… I mean we have all these typical answers.. “He wants to prosper you..” “He loves you..” .. I don’t mean those things really at all. I’ve been thinking about the way I view Him, and the things He has out on the table for me… Just waiting for me to choose it (Him)…

I think so often we (girls).. and sorry guys, but I can’t speak for you.. I have a severe lack of credibility in speaking for guys… So, I won’t. 🙂 But, girls tend to view ourselves as not good enough to get something, be with someone, do something.. basically anything we can think of we come up with a reason why we are not good enough for it.

Recently however, I have been thinking about the idea that God wants whats best for me.. and I forget who mentioned it to me first, but it’s the idea that “God WANTS to give us the BEST”… The simplicity of this idea makes me laugh because so often I view things as I’m either not good enough or I need to do x, y, and z in order for God to be ok with giving me what I can deal with, things I can make work. Which is clearly works based.. and I don’t believe that. Instead I need to work on allowing His grace and mercy, and the fact that he’s already covered me flow into that part of my thinking.

I mean think about it for a bit… If I’ve already been paid for.. Why would I then only get mediocre? Why would I have to go through life just dealing with things, instead of being in awe of my Savior all the tune? PLUS, if I constantly am getting the best that God has to give me… doesn’t that continue to blow my mind? I mean, I can think of a whole bunch of instances where I was just amazed at my Savior and the things He’s done for me… Those things remind me of how small I am, how much I can’t do things on my own, and how seriously I need Him all the time.

Now, I’m not talking about the materialistic side of things.. I don’t mean to say that “if I believe, I’ll get a million dollars… or someone will magically buy me this new shirt I want..” No, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the idea that God wants whats BEST for me.. not the idea that He will grant me everything I want.

Often times, I look at a relationship with a guy and think “I could make that work.” Instead of with the attitude of “can we together better serve God? Will he be what I need and can I be what he needs?” … So far, the answer has been no. I have not found someone I know is the best for me, instead I tend towards “I can work with this” as though it’s an old dress I need to spruce up. I’ve begun trying to get out of the habit of saying “I can make this work” in my head, because, lets be honest.. my “making it work” is so much less glorifying to my Lord, than it would be if I allowed Him to gift me with whatever or whoever it is that will help me serve my Jesus more… I do this in SOOO many areas of my life and my relationships with others it’s really pathetic…

I mean, there’s a certain part of me that believes there comes a time when God’s thought is “you know my heart… now just go and do already!”… And, that’s where a lot of my “just act” mentality comes in.. Instead, I need to be viewing it less as something I myself can work with and make better, and viewing it as it will be the best because God’s involved…

Hmm.. just a couple thoughts about God’s desire for my life and my new revelation about it 🙂

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