Healing Moments

I’ve been thinking over the last couple days about things that heal the heart.. I mean obviously God does, but the specific instances..

I have several friends who are in different circumstances where healing of the heart is seriously needed. One friend is entering a new relationship and she’s learning how to trust despite her past. The guy is doing such a great job of encouraging her, hearing her fears and not dancing around them, but addressing them and being patient yet persistent when he needs to be. I don’t know where they will end up, but I am so thankful for him and the things he’s encouraging in her… 🙂

Another friend is on the opposite end and seriously her heart is hurting, and I’m watching the grieving process happen inside her. She is watching the life she expected to have and saw a glimpse of just for a little while suddenly die for no reason. My heart hurts for her and my prayer is that each night as she sleeps God heals her heart and restores it a little more. As I sit and watch her, I see the phases of grieving and it hurts, but I also can see the glimmer of hope for her.. So, my job is to love her and show her the hope I see.

Then I have yet another friend who is somewhere in between these two others. He had the new relationship that showed every indication that it was going to be perfect, and yet somehow through a series of things it became clear that it wasn’t supposed to work out. Watching him hurt so seriously causes my heart to ache, yet I’ve watched him become hopeful again because of his dependence on our Savior. I was able to see him go from hurting so badly that simply being around him I could feel it in the depths of my heart how much he was hurting.. even if he was smiling… And now, I can see the change.. well more feel the change.

In each of these instances I can clearly see my Savior working. He is there every moment patching, molding, fixing, creating, loving, and carrying them through. I am so thankful I serve my King.

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