Emotional Unreliability…

I’ve been thinking recently about how unreliable our emotions can be sometimes. I mean if we aren’t careful they can ruin a relationship, miss communicate feelings and intentions, hurt someone else or ourselves.. etc..etc.. But, that’s not to say they are bad because without them we wouldn’t be who we are.. obviously.. we’d look a lot more like the movie Equilibrium… which is a re-make of 1984. Don’t miss understand me, I think we need emotions, I think they are important and I think without them we cannot fully understand God.

What I am saying, is they can often be unreliable in the moment. For example.. If someone makes me mad.. my emotions make me want to punch them in the face or break their knee… Obviously NOT the wisest of choices 🙂 Emotions can cause us to respond poorly in an argument or to overreact to a comment someone else makes. And, I’ve seen guys and girls do this, so it’s not something that’s gender specific. If anyone tries to tell you that girls are more emotional than guys.. they’re either lying or fooling themselves. Now, what I do believe, is a lot of girls tend towards not thinking through their emotions… And, I think both guys and girls have become accustomed tp allowing it to be “ok” for girls to freak out and not have any sort of check on their actions because they’re “just emotional.” But, I also know a lot of guys that react on emotions alone as much or worse than a lot of girls.

I’ve interacted with guys before that the only thing going through my head was, “why is he being such a girl?!” haha I’ve also interacted with girls where it took all I had not to hurt them for their ridiculous actions based off their emotions.. On the opposite end, I find it refreshing when people can have major emotional reactions to something, and they are able to control it enough to not act out or “sin” because of their emotions.

Personally.. I’m not an overly emotional person… I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m easily excitable and very passioante, and that’s always clear, but I don’t tend towards these massive mood swings where I have a hard time controlling my emotions. I used though, I had this NASTY temper.. and I mean horrible. (Special thanks to my pappasan who helped with that 😉 However, today I still feel those emotions, but I’ve gotten a lot better at controlling them or realizing that they are more a result of allowing Satan to speak into my ear. I do NOT want to be the type of person who reacts to things based off emotion alone and ends up sinning because of it. Emotions are important, but can be unreliable.

If you know me you know it’s easy to get me riled up… I become animated, and excitedly depict my opinion on whatever topic comes up.. usually, at fairly loud volumes too 🙂 But, I don’t often spit out rancid things at someone when I’m angry anymore… I don’t cut someone down for their stupidity or ignorance simply because I’m angry or annoyed… Emotions can be unreliable, and remembering that can be the difference between being the only person to show love and the last person to cause death and destruction in someone’s heart.

On the opposite end of emotions, I don’t often let my emotions get away from me either if I feel the “butterfly” feelings in my stomach. Those can be just as unreliable and dangerous. It’s a good idea to be careful and control those too.

Because of past experience, and times I’ve allowed myself to run with my emotions, I’ve spent years trying to control the “swing” of it all. I find people who allow their emotions to control them to be harder to just hang out with because you’re never totally sure what will set them off… That’s no way to be friends with someone. I’ve found that the people who are deeply emotional, but also very easy going, and control their emotions enough to allow God to seep in and through the emotion.. THOSE people are the ones I treasure.

See, please don’t misunderstand me… showing emotion is fine, allowing yourself to be upset or frustrated, happy.. whatever that’s fine. In fact I’m learning how to do that without allowing it to cause me to sin. But, what I want to be clear about, is that allowing the feeling to rule your actions or reactions can be a dangerous slippery slope. But, simply having the emotion isn’t the problem. Ok, the end 🙂

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