I feel like maybe right now God and I are dealing with consistency. Almost in every area of my life.. I had a couple people really grate at my nerves the last couple weeks because of their lack of consistency. And, I am not talking about a “bad mood” because everyone has those. I am talking about an actual decision one moment, and a total 180 degree decision the opposite 20 minutes later. OH MY GOSH DECIDE AND STICK TO IT!!… No wonder our kids have issues.. WE have issues. We harp on others for not being consistent and for being wishy washy.. and then we do the exact same thing to them, but if we are questioned.. that’s disrespectful.. Grr…

I have always been the type to claim something is not fair if I did not feel it was.. Thankfully my parents were concerned about being fair whenever they could be, and acknowledged when they knew it was not a fair situation, but could not change it; that I can handle.

I hate when people hold others to standards they feel for whatever lame reason they do not also have to follow. I have a friend who points out how often girls have double standards.. and as much as I hate to admit it.. He’s right. I usually can identify when I have a double standard, and then usually I voice it. But, honestly I try really very hard to not have double standards.. It is simply not fair.

On a totally different side of consistency.. I LOVE when friends are consistent. When without asking they make it perfectly clear how important the friendship is to them. I have a couple friends who are like that, they just insist on being my friend, and making it known whether by cards, notes, texts, in person whatever that my friendship is valuable to them. I have one friend who constantly tells me how much she values my friendship, she gives me cards, and leaves me random notes thanking me for various aspects of our friendship or for something in particular that I did. I cannot express how much I appreciate that from her. I have another friend who tells me via text, over the phone, facebook, whatever that she misses me, loves me, and thinks I am beautiful. I have another friend who has always been vocal about how important my friendship is to him… especially as we weathered a whole bunch of tough times, and even now after they have all passed, and we will go months without talking, he makes it clear when we do talk how much he appreciates my friendship even still… And, then I have a friend who does a wonderful job of making sure I know my friendship is valued, usually by hugs, and making dinner, and inside jokes, and random chats.. but sometimes he just stops everything and states his appreciation.. and life moves on 🙂 It is special and I appreciate it a lot. I maintain I have the worlds best friends EVER 🙂

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