My little (although now bigger than me) brother is coming down in a few days to spend a week with me. I cannot express how excited I am that he is coming to visit! I mean granted I am paying for him to come down, it is my graduation/birthday gift to him… which is also semi self seeking I realize 😉 But, the reality is we are super close and we just communicate really well, and I haven’t seen him (or anyone in my family) since mid-May… and to have him here meeting all my friends, seeing were I live, where I go to church, places I hang out.. and just experiencing life with me. I am so thrilled.

Having him here will be almost like having the best of everything, because he clearly knows me really well.. once he said to my mom when she was slightly confused at my behavior, “she comes, she yells, she leaves. *shrug*” which was said after I had walked into the room extremely frustrated, and vented at loud volumes, then promptly walked back out to go try and tackle the remainder of the project I was so frustrated at. So, to have someone who has such a long history here with me interacting and getting to know my life here (that’s only been for a very short amount of time).. It will just be really special and fun 🙂

I have lots of really fun things planned.. some a little more on the adventurous side, and others more on the just plain fun side. What makes it even more special I think, is that my friends are excited for him to come too. Which, for me is great having both he and my friends be excited to meet each other and hang out and do whatever… Which, there is no doubt in my mind there will be a lot of getting picked on all around, laughter, jokes, and hugs 🙂

If I haven’t said it.. I’m so excited!

Ok.. The end 🙂

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