Pace of Life…

So, I finally feel like I have beaten the issue that has so long plagued me… I was able to get the Bible on my ipod.. haha So… now I can listen to my “daily readings” on my drive to and from work.. And, since I am RIDICULOUSLY behind in my readings.. I will be able to catch up! I listened to three days worth on my drive to work today alone!! I am pretty stoked about that, especially because it makes me feel like I am utilizing my time much more wisely. Now, my mornings will look something like this… 6am work out with Brit (so good but.. ugh!), 7:30am commence my hour drive to work/ listen to the Bible, 8:30am arrive at work, proceed with long day, sometime between 4 and 5 leave for home… That is of course assuming it is a day I go into work instead of stay in the burg to get random things done or that I do not have to stay late at work.. But, either way, I am very happy I was finally able to get the Bible on my ipod so I no longer have to feel like I am wasting that time, and can actually use it to achieve my goal of “reading” through the Bible in year.. which is actually reading through the old testament once and the new testament twice.

I know this whole thing sounds a bit odd as something to be excited about, but I really need to refocus on Jesus again. I hate when I allow my busy schedule to slowly take over my Jesus time. It is never on purpose, and it’s never quickly, it is always slow, and never usually by things that are bad.. just require my time.

I honestly think some of my tiredness has been a lack of Jesus time, which sounds weird I know, but really.. the pace of life I maintain overwhelms me when I explain it to others… haha. Somehow I actually live the things I tell people I do without even a second glance at the time required or the lack of sleep or the hours I put into something… But, the reality is I seriously don’t notice the hectic pace of any of it if I am getting an adequate amount of Jesus time 🙂 It’s always sorta made me laugh to watch people’s faces as I describe a normal week for me and the things I am involved in… they tend towards this glazed overwhelmed look on their face, and usually try convincing me that I will burn myself out at this pace.. as though 24 years is not enough to indicate if I can or cannot handle it. 🙂

I was talking with a new friend last night driving back from Charlottesville, and we were just sharing our stories about how we got to where we are, cool things God’s done in our lives, and somehow it came out that I have been at this insane pace especially at work since March… whoa.. where did the time go?! I did not realize it had been so long, it just doesn’t seem that long AT ALL.. I mean I still feel like it should be July… and we are more than a week into August!… sheesh!

I am definitely ready for the change of pace fall will bring… (“fall” begins next week as our kids head back to school… WEIRD)… I am also excited for the break I get this week when my brother comes down… Sooo soo many good things to be thankful for today 🙂

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