Sigh Some Relief…

So, I definitely needed this break I got with my brother here.. It was the first time in a month that I got more than one day of in a row.. or in a couple weeks I guess… I needed a break, more than I was able to accurate convey to those around me.

Elijah and I laughed like whoa. He and I just get each other’s sense of humor.. and we pick on each other like crazy.. I slapped his phone closed 150 times.. he honked my horn at ANY guy walking down the road.. regardless of how hard I hit him as a retaliation… He tickled me and threatened to tell a guy I find attractive that I like him.. which isn’t the case, but he thought it would be funny.. I hit him where he is sunburned.. lol he called me a jerk.. I laughed.. he laughed.. he sang about me living in the “Gheettoowwww” as though he was the lead singer from Creed… He blasted Miley Cirus as I talked to a lady on her front porch for work… We laughed and talked about all kinds of things we saw or heard, found amusing, like, dislike, find annoying, heard a different perspective… We sprayed each other down while washing my car… He hated the muggy heat, he mowed the lawn, I made him home made sushi and chicken alfredo… We had ice cream, and iced coffees and ate at Moe’s… We snuggled on the couch and took a bazillion pictures… And we laughed.. a lot, with each other, at each other, with my friends, at people.. we just laughed. We laughed hysterically at telephone charades with our friends.. and talked for half an hour afterwards about the funny faces each other made while acting out the scenario. We created some pretty sweet memories together with my friends down here.. surprised a friend with birthday brownies, climbed and hiked up a mountain in the middle of the night, went salsa dancing, tubed a lazy river, went to a birthday party, went out to dinner and lunches, church, game night, work, I cut his hair, he helped me pick out a pair of sunglasses (which he’s picked out 3 of the last 5 I’ve had lol), we saw Gi-Joe… He met a million of my friends… It was good πŸ™‚

I forget the power of laughter sometimes. Between my brother, my roomies, two of my best friends down here, and multitudes of other friends I have, I laughed a ridiculous amount the last couple days… I laughed so hard several times that all I could do was cry..

This morning we (my roomies and Brit and I) woke up at 6am to work out.. I love it.. but hate it at the same time. One of my roomies was hysterical.. but it took me a while to realize it cause I was so tired and still waking up.. but I giggled all day because of her comments in the first 10 minutes of me being awake. In the middle of the day I got real bogged down with life.. just obnoxious things coming up at times that are just not conducive to the plan I had for the evening. Nothing big, nothing life threatening, nothing that alters really anything accept my plans… And that always seems to happen when emotionally I do not feel patient enough to handle it.. But, regardless things had to get done.. just not what I wanted.. And lovingly my roomie and I shared our frustration.. which made us laugh, and then another friend who is a wizard when it comes to figuring out what calms me down.. just hugged me for a bit. Which sounds dumb and not a big deal.. but for a TOUCH/Quality time person such as myself.. it was a big deal.. And then my friend proceeded to make my roomie and I laugh… It was perfect and needed… And I had to choose a better attitude. Later, we played Telephone Charades and it was so incredibly funny! Watching a couple of my friends and my brother seriously get into it with facial expressions was HYSTERICAL!.. I laughed SO ridiculously hard…

Then, to end the day I got to video chat with my best friend from home… It’s been a good week. I couldn’t have planned it out any more perfect, God knew what I needed to refresh myself for work again πŸ™‚

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