What do I know?… Lead Me to the Cross…

So, I have had Lead Me to the Cross stuck in my head for days now… I am in no way complaining, but it has been there none the less for three or more days. So much so, that I finally had to buy the song off Itunes because I just needed to hear the song over and over at one point.

I love the simple words and her voice and how basic it seems. I love that she points out that the blood He poured out is also the love He poured out.

After this song, I keep thinking of the one line over and over from another song… “What do I know of Holy?..” This song makes me think, it is so incredibly vivid for me…

“I think I made you too small..” – I can think of time after time when I simply underestimate my Jesus, I forget that I was not there when He created the thunder to roll.. and I was not there when He spoke everything into existence.. JUST by speaking.. I can’t do anything even remotely close to that simply by speaking.. NOTHING.. that idea blows my mind.

“Where have I even stood. But the shore along Your ocean?” – What if this is all we get to do until we meet Jesus face to face?… That means there is infinitely more to this whole Jesus thing then we can ever comprehend… The vastness of that concept blows my mind…

“The slightest hint of You brought me down to my knees” – I can think of so many times when I thought I had life figured out, together, things were flowing seamlessly.. And then I would have an encounter with my Savior.. and suddenly I was totally overwhelmed with how incredibly small I am. How big He is and how weak I truly am..

Helpless. I can do absolutely nothing without Jesus. Dang.

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