Just Consistent..

I was having a conversation late last night with a new friend who is proving to be an absolute God send. She lives “around the corner” which really means about 4 blocks away.. but still walking distance… Anyway, we were talking last night about various people and ourselves and the way our friends interact, portray themselves, as well as the ways we do that. All the different things we notice, pick up on, or do in order to get certain reactions.

I was amazed at the things she has noticed.. For example, Sunday mornings in sunday school I give announcements, and I give them a certain way, portraying myself as less confident.. but I play it up enough that it ends up being funny. So, we talked about that for a while and all the different things we have noticed about each other and our other friends.

Then, she told me about a conversation she had where she explained to the other person that the things they see me doing are just me.. it is consistent with everyone I am around, guy or girl, regardless of who they are or are not in my life. I was so unbelievably relieved that she not only had that conversation, but also recognized the consistency. It was such a breath of fresh air that someone who has known me a relatively short amount of time can see consistency in the way I act and the things I say. I get told all the time how different I act and how much it throws people off.. mostly because I am comfortable with myself, and around most people in most situations.

My mom always worries about how I come across, which I understand 🙂 But, I am aware that there are certain people who I just have to be very careful with how I interact with them. Based solely on the fact that they misinterpret my intentions.. regardless of what I tell them. So, around those people I am very careful, but for the most part I am the exact same… Meaning I love playful banter, serious conversations, questions about thoughts and ideas, talking about Jesus.. or anything in that realm really.

All this to say, I love this “new” friend.. she is truly sent by Jesus to me along with so many other friends 🙂

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