Panera Moments…

So, I do not really have any profound thing to say or any big revelation that I feel the need to share… Just sorta thoughts about a random encounter recently.

Last weekend I got to go to a good friend’s wedding in KY. It was great to see her and just get to chat for a little while. Another friend went with me cause he has really good friends that live in the area. We had a great weekend, amazingly got away with minimal questions on if we were “together” … the most blatant one came from a TOTAL God moment on our drive home… When discussing what the plan was for dinner, since it was going to fall about mid-drive back, I decided against any sort of burger or fastfood… so he decided on Panera. Thanks to his new iphone we found one.. but it somehow took us an extra 15 minutes to find it and get there.. Once we got there, we were just joking about random things and the guy in front of us turned around and out of the blue asked if we were having a good night, I said yeah we were.. and asked if he was. He explained that he was because he had his whole family together for a little while. So, I asked him where they were from, and he introduced himself, his son, and by that point his other children and wife were sitting down. So, I ordered my food and we chatted for a bit.. then I walked down to wait for my food, soon followed by the guy’s wife, who began chatting with me about where I’m from, where I live, what I do etc..etc.. basics.. The son walked up again and began talking with me as we waited for food.. he totally out of the blue asks “are you guys married?” I just started laughing.. “No, we’re not married, not together, not dating, we’re just friends…” He apologized several times, and I laughed it off telling him it happens all the time, he’s just one of my best friends so people mistake that for more. At that point my friend walked up and we started talking about other things.. At the end, we were getting ready to leave with our food and my friend stops and says “Do you mind if we pray for you before we go?” The son was fairly happy about the idea and said sure, and we prayed, did the basic goodbyes.. and left.

All I can think of is the randomness that was that entire encounter, and the length of time it took us to FIND Panera.. Had we found it earlier we would have missed them totally… To have his dad randomly turn around to ask if we are having a good evening… Just simply the flow of the encounter was really neat. No idea what will become of that encounter, I just think it is cool that my friend was able to ask to pray with him, and that the entire exchange was so positive. 🙂

One thought on “Panera Moments…

  1. Hey Krista 🙂 I love reading your blog! I have one, too. I think you can find it just by clicking on my picture since I'm a follower of yours. I also think it's neat to see when God's timing comes into play. That's why I always try not to get frustrated if I'm running late or having trouble because I often think – what if I had left my house five minutes earlier? I could have been in a car crash for all I know! Or maybe it's just a nice way for me not to look at my lateness as something bad :)Anyway, have a great week!


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