Get It..

So, last weekend I went home… It was the first time I had been home in six months, and boy did it feel like forever. The couple days leading up to me going home I was getting progressively more anxious and ready to just be home. I had this overwhelming desire and need to be around people who just get me. I do not need to explain, and I do not need to try to be anything or anyone other than me… I am loved and cared for unconditionally… And, for the record, I still hold to the fact that everyone should know my family 🙂

On my long drive home, my friend was sitting next to me on the phone, doing a Bible study with a couple other people, and I was left to drive and think… Which was very ok with me. Driving just gave me a chance to think through everything and emotions I had been feeling and building up over the last while… I came to the conclusion after a while of thinking that, I was totally at peace. I was content. I knew I was going home, it was going to be a fantastic weekend. I was going to get more hugs in one day than I do in most weeks, my niece and nephews were going to want some serious time and attention… something I am more than willing to give 🙂 I was going to see the best friend, and I was going to be able to breathe a breath of fresh air, and hit the re-boot button. I was excited to have my friend meet my family, and my family was going to get to meet my friend.. it was going to be a fantastic weekend.. and I was excited.

The great thing is that, weekend did not disappoint either. I mean, I lacked serious amounts of sleep.. but it was totally worth every minute I gave up to spend talking and spending time with my family and best friend 🙂 I laughed like crazy and exchanged punch for punch with my brothers 🙂 It was wonderful… lol

But, two of the most meaningful points were a long extended conversation with my mom.. which started in the middle of the hallway and migrated to sitting on my bed. We just talked about everything that has been going on, feelings I had about various things, things I felt like God was showing me, challenges I had been facing, and how much of a relief it was to simply be home. It was neat to share these things, and then get my mom’s response because she’s… well she’s my mom, so she sees me in a totally different light than anyone else. And, while I am really close with my dad as well because I am a total daddy’s girl, he is a guy, and a dad, so his perspective is different than hers. 🙂 It was so reassuring to have my mom listen and totally understand what I was talking about. I love that about my mom… she gets me and my thought process.. even if she does not understand the way I communicate, she understands all the why’s behind what I am saying and doing.

Then, on Sunday I was able to spend several hours just hanging out with, shopping, drinking coffee, and laughing with my best friend. We have decided that literally we can spend hours every day talking and still feel like we do not see each other enough. We talk about everything, thoughts, ideas, funny situations, what God’s doing and telling us, all the rabbit trails in our minds that prove difficult to explain to other people… We spend lots of time being each other’s sounding boards for things, and offering our perspective and understanding to each situation. It just ends up being a really wonderful time.. plus we laugh a lot.. and both have HUGE amounts of respect for each other, and we both think the other one is absolutely beautiful, and that we are totally blessed to have each other as friends.. It is just great 🙂

I am totally and completely blessed and I know it. I have no idea how I got so lucky or why Jesus has given me these people in my life… but I am so incredibly thankful He has 🙂

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