Getting to Know You…

So, it is no mystery to most around me that I am a huge fan of several things… Such as, I really enjoy laughing, talking, and hanging out with people. I just really love getting to know people, what makes them tick, learning how they think and view the world.

My dad said once a long time ago that the meaning of life is relationships, and man was he right. Relationship with God, relationship with others. That is all that really means anything at all…

So, in the process of getting to know people, I have discovered a few things about myself and just in general.. One of the bigger ones (although not a new revelation), I absolutely love finding things in common with others, but also finding things that are different.. For example, I really enjoy learning what makes guys tick. Even though I am not super emotional for a girl, I have been in the martial arts for 17 years and have a black belt, I am not exactly described as small and dainty, and I am much more along the lines of independent than most girls… Even through all that I am still a girl, and I really love that.. And, with that means guys are totally different, and their way of thinking and their perspectives on things often is night and day different than mine… I love that God did that to offer balance. 🙂

It blows me away when a guy can spout off so much information on such a wide variety of topics. I really enjoy letting the guy just go on and on explaining whatever happens to be the topic of the moment. Even if I am not “into” it or it is not something that is my thing. I really like getting to just take interest in whatever the guy (fyi… even though I’m using the singular.. there is not one particular guy I’m referring to) is excited about. I can’t seem to help getting excited when he goes on and on about something that he’s excited about or passionate about… This is also true for any of my girl friends.. but it is way more common and consistent among my guy friends.

One of my favorite pass-times is to talk with friends about things that have happened recently and get their perspectives, the humorous, the serious, the basic observations.. just hearing their thoughts.. I love that. I do it all the time with a couple of my friends, we will talk about different things people have said or done, and just process through what we thought was funny, appreciate about that person, ways we are watching God move and change them and us.. etc..etc.. it is a lot of fun.

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