So, my family was scheduled to come down and arrive at some point Wednesday evening.. In reality, at some point Wednesday afternoon I got a phone call stating that my brother and sister in law’s van died… and would forever remain dead… They were 5 hours out… Dang.

So, what did I do? Sat there for 10 minutes brainstorming with one of the worlds best friends trying to figure out how to fix this problem. See, my family was several hours closer to me than to home, and why would I want them to go home since they were coming to spend Thanksgiving with me?!… Neither one of us could think of a single person that had a minivan… Dang this stage of soccerless-non-mom’s group of friends we have 🙂 I ended up renting a minivan (which was WAY cooler than my car or my other friend who volunteered to come with me’s car!), and my friend and I commenced to driving to Northern WV to go rescue my family that had themselves trapped at a Burger King… that at the least had a play place for the little kids!

Thank you soo much to my friend who so lovingly gave up and entire evening, and way late into the night to keep me company. We had a blast talking the whole way and keeping each other laughing with our stories. 🙂

I am also so incredibly thankful for each of my friends who kept checking in on me, and the ones who went out of their way to make sure I wasn’t going to travel alone (haha… even if they were volunteering a cousin or themselves even though their family was in town. 🙂 And.. my phone was on the way to being dead… Awesome… So, I turned it off and only turned it on every so often to get the various messages.. And, most of which were very funny and thoughtful… or funny thoughtful. It reminded me why I love my friends so much 🙂

After 11 hours of driving I was able to go get my family, and bring them back. The friends house that most of them are staying at.. was perfect and so inviting. Which, lets be honest at 3:30am… That’s so nice!

Thanksgiving day wasn’t full of much sleep.. but it was full of my family, great food, and wonderful friends.

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