Before Myself…

Currently I am sitting here totally exhausted and wishing I was sleeping… I mean I only had about 20 hours of sleep in the 24 hours that was yesterday…

I obviously got sick from this weekend. The stress of this weekend, that was no one’s fault, I think potentially added to it.

So, my older brother’s van broke down and would remain dead in Northern WV on Wednesday afternoon… Went to get them. 11 hours later, I had my family.. all 10 of them! I played a bit of car tango Thanksgiving day and Friday…

Saturday we went to climb a mountain.. It was a lot of fun.. but kinda cold. On the way home, my little brother’s car broke down. The fluid was rapidly leaking from the transmission… I had 30 minutes to shower and get ready for a wedding, drop off my car so they would not be stranded, and somehow make it to the wedding.. 15 minutes away… My friend followed me to the gas station to pick me up and take me to the wedding that she was going to as well..

I am the queen of multitasking.. I talked on the phone to two different friends.. semi venting, and getting ideas on how to fix the problem… while putting on make up (liquid eye liner no less!) and trying to do my hair.. while my friend was driving on curvy roads.. I then had to call and correct a retarded mistake I made.. which ended up being fine, and in actuality saved me a bit of money..

Through all of this I kept reminding myself over and over that I had no option but to keep my priorities straight… People are more important than things, and my family’s needs are more important than any of my own wants… That doing what was right is more important than doing what is convenient for myself.

So, the ultimate solution came down to me insisting my family take the rented vehicle I got for them and my vehicle home… We would get my friend to look at the car and decide what’s best, and once it got fixed, I would drive around my little brother’s car until I go home for Christmas in a few weeks. Until then, I am carless and totally dependent on my amazing friends for help!

Oh, then I got sick and slept for 20 hours that was Monday… Whew it’s been a crazy week! I do not really know what the lesson was to be learned here, or what God was doing… But, regardless I’ll take it an know that all is still well.

Jesus still loves me, and my family made it home safely. 🙂 I’m still tired though…

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