Lies as Truth?…

So, I was talking with a friend last night, and we were just processing through things, random things, my things, her things.. whatever. We ultimately settled on one of our issues from the past and we began the process of flushing it out. One of the things that became apparently quickly is how often we believe lies as truth. We will meld two things into truth that do not belong together at all.

A lie meshed with a truth becomes a lie… still.

It was interesting as we walked our way through everything how incredibly painful some things are when we allow Satan to sink his teeth into us for so long. Simply the idea of looking at it becomes almost more than we can handle, and every bit of pain we have ever felt over the issue comes back and threatens to drown us once again. I was struck by the idea that Satan had weaved a web so full of lies that the simple IDEA of finding Truth and separating it from the lies was a terrifying subject and only allowed the view of more pain instead of less.

I sat there watching this entire thing play out, and I realized… We all do this. We all allow Satan to speak lies into our lives.. and we cling onto them as though they are truth. We allow him to seep pain, hurting, misunderstanding, and chaos into our lives.. and we have no idea we are allowing him to do that. We cower from the idea of Truth being anything other than what we believe because it would mean this pain could have been avoided.

In the process of all of this… What plagues us?.. “What if?…” I am so incredibly guilty of playing the what if game. I mean it is not even funny how much I say that to myself when I am doubting or hurting. But, it also struck me that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with “What if?…” because the reality is What if does not change anything.. a more accurate thought process is “Ok, what now?”… What do I do now?…

The whole thing has really got me thinking and praying that God reveal to me the things I have allowed Satan to whisper into my life as true.. that simply are not. I want to know I am believing Truth in every aspect of my life.. especially things pertaining to myself, because for some reason I have this warped view of who I am in Christ, and who I am not… I can see Truth and speak that into others, especially girls about themselves and their beauty and the things God has created them for. Or, for guys, I can see all of the areas God has given them strength and I can see what their role is… And yet, in myself I still struggle with insecurities and lies… and I believe them.

I want to know Truth. I want to look in the mirror and see what Jesus has created me to be.. and know without a doubt my strengths, my beauty, my intelligence, my mission, my desires, and I want to find freedom in my Savior in all of the little cracks that are currently whispering doubt into my life.

I want the lies gone, and I want them replaced with Truth.

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