Running the Race…

I have said for a while now that I feel like God’s getting ready to make some big changes. I think God’s getting ready to start these things…

Please pray for me. My ability to hear and follow well. For my ability to see where I need to improve and where I am doing alright. Please pray for my heart and my mind.

Today is a rough day and just seems to add to last week.. I was sorta hoping this week would be void of anything dramatic.. Dang it.

My God is bigger. My God will be glorified in all things. There is a reason I call Him my Savior.

One thought on “Running the Race…

  1. calebandmolly says:

    Krista! I just found your blog, I'm looking forward to reading about what's going on with you and life and everything. It's been a while, but friend, I love you. I had a pretty bad Friday too. Here's to our Saturdays being better than yesterday. I'm encouraged by you!


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