This is it…

So, What do you do when you feel like things God has been telling you for two years are now upon you?.. I haven’t a clue either. lol

I am at this weird point in my life where I can see what God was telling me almost 2 years ago, and I see His hand in each of these little steps, meetings various people, going places, doing things etc.. etc.. I can see how He molded my dreams, and my thoughts… I see each of these steps, so.. what now?.. Well, this is sorta what I see right now as the visual for this.. He told me to sit down. Sit in the darkness, in the midst of night, unable to see, unable to move, and just wait for Him to “come back for me.” Not at all like He’s left me, but that He’s in the process of preparing some things and just needs me to wait for Him without straying or wandering away… Sit and wait. I am not to DO anything, I am not supposed to fix anything, I am not supposed to make things happen.. I am to wait for God and his timing. He told me almost two years ago this was coming. I doubted a bit, mostly because I was not sure I had actually heard from Him or if I had made it all up on my own. I was a bit worried I had just made up a feeling or thought in my head.. but, I prayed and prayed and asked others to pray, and moved ahead as though I had indeed heard from my Savior. I figured if it was not actually from Him, He had no reason to let me fall since I was earnestly trying to seek Him and follow His face.

So, now… Now I have been asked to wait. I understand what He is doing, but I also have NO idea where He is leading me, and I really am not sure how I feel about some of the things that are going to happen in the next little while. But, what I do know is this:

I have never been let down by my Savior.
I have loved every step of my journey thus far.
I have AMAZING family and friends who love me dearly.
I am not God, and so thankful for that!
God knows what is coming, and I do not need to know.
I am seeking Jesus, and in that, He will deal with my mind and heart each step of the way.
I choose Faith and Trust through this all.

I will be ok, God is not sending me careening to my death. šŸ™‚

One thought on “This is it…

  1. This is what I had to do last summer…I had to honestly give up my 'desire' and delight myself in the Lord. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but sometimes, those are where God tests our faithfulness, how strong we are, if we will run to Him rather than our earthly desires…and well…six months later…I received my desire.Patience…I never knew how it could present itself as a gift. Thank God For Patience!!! Krista, you are strong in your faith, and your words are uplifting and encouraging. Thanks.


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