Old Friends…

There is just something about old friends that make me smile. Yesterday for some reason I was just really yearning for old friends.. ones who understood random things about me, went through things years ago that we still think are funny or sad or just a part of our history… The friends who I can say “doesn’t that person look like ____” or spout off a random word or saying, and they know who I am talking about. Nothing at all against any of my friends here, they are absolutely wonderful, and I need AND want them in my life… but at one point yesterday I was watching two friends who have such a long history.. and I just really longed for that connection with an old friend…

I love love love how Jesus just understands 🙂 I utter these weird prayers sometimes and usually they are not complete.. but they are heartfelt.. So, I said something like “Jesus.. I just.. ugh.. you know..” lol makes no real coherent sense, but He understood loud and clear… I love that.

A couple hours later when I was settling down to head to bed early (for once!) one of my best friends from college got online and we started chatting.. I said probably 3 times I missed them a lot, and after a bit they said that facebook’s chat was messing up, and it would just be easier to call.. So, they called (and while we had issues with cellphone reception) we talked for another hour probably. Just about everything going on, what is new, thoughts on things, etc..etc.. I LOVE talking to them. There is something about them that is just so very calming… Maybe it has something to do with the thousands of hours we have clocked talking about what God’s doing, dealing with ups and downs.. (usually on rollerblades in the middle of the night)… But, true to form, our best conversations always seem to take place late at night.. and yesterday was no exception 🙂

The best part of all of it is how much changes, and how much is so securely grounded. I know without any doubts that they are there, regardless of their situation, they care.. and while we are in different “stages of life” it has done little to change our friendship. I wish more people were able to see and have this type of friendship. I love that they seek me out and pointblank talk to me and constantly guide things to God and how awesome certain things are that God is doing.. even when I do not understand His plan. And, sometimes they just let me vent and know I am important, and they care even if that cannot actually change anything about my situation and what I am going through…

Gosh I love old friends. 🙂

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