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I have been thinking recently about how the whole idea of truly honest and completely loving those around you. There is this weird feeling I have had for as long as I can remember.. I honestly truly desire for those around me to feel loved and cared for. Like they are important, and I desperately hope they see Jesus in me, and His love for them through my actions. I am really really bad at this sometimes. Especially when I get impatient, annoyed, frustrated, or forget to look at someone else’s needs before my own for whatever reason…

I had an absolutely wonderful roommate date night dinners with one of my roomies last night, and it was just such a relieving stress free time of talking about anything and everything. I love her perspective on life, and her sense of humor gets me laughing all the time!.. One of the topics we touched on was guys (big surprise haha). We talked about how aggravating it is when guys make comments like “you’re the type of girl guys want to marry….” … yet somehow none of them want to marry either of us. In fact, none of them even want to ask us out on a date. Annoying. However, we also talked about how much we really like where God has us, and the ways He is growing us… And, even how much we have to still grow in certain areas, but how it is a great journey, just not what we were expecting.

One of my friends is leaving for more military training sooner than expected.. I will miss him a whole lot. But, I am really excited for him, and extremely proud of him and what he’s doing.. More than words can accurately express, but also, I am really happy to see how excited he is to be doing this. He comments all the time on how he’s always wanted to do this, and how he was made for this. I LOVE that he feels that way and has that perspective 🙂 It makes the feelings of worry for him, and the feelings of missing him and his consistent presence much better knowing he is doing exactly what God has called him to. There are definitely times that I am unsure if it is even fair for me to have the feelings of missing him when compared to some of his other friends and family.. but, it ultimately does not really matter, I enjoy his friendship, and I am excited to see where God leads him. But, I will miss him all the same.

It is no secret that I LOVE the word Hosanna.. I love the meanings it carries, and how it takes so much to explain one word. But, mostly I love the emotion that comes with the word. While practically speaking it means “Save Now” it really is the type of thing that means “You are the only one who can save me because you are powerful and might, so please save me now.”

1. (an exclamation, originally an appeal to God for deliverance, used in praise of God or Christ.)
2. a cry of “hosanna.”
3. a shout of praise or adoration; an acclamation.
–verb (used with object)
4. to praise, applaud.

Below is Hosanna in Greek and Hebrew… The Greek is in the New Testament and you read it left to right, the Hebrew is in the Old Testament and you read it right to left, so they meet in the middle.

ὡσαννά הושענא

So, in that, I have combined these two words with the star of david and the cross (more mixing of the OT and NT). Because the very God that we see all over the OT is the exact same God we know in the NT. I have had this all placed on my right hip because of the story of Jacob and his wrestling with the angel, and getting touched on the hip. However, before the angel could leave Jacob asked (or more demanded) a blessing, but the angel needed his name.. and finally after years and years of claiming and stealing Esau’s identity and blessings he admits he is Jacob (which basically means cheat). It is as though for the first time he is admitting who he really is. There is no faking, no pretending, no misdirecting, he is owning up to everything he is good and bad. The very person that God made him to be, no one else. The angel blesses him and tells him he is no longer Jacob, he is now to be known as Israel…

So, this is my permanent way of saying that I am exactly who God made me to be. I am not perfect, and I am fallen and broken, but I am no one else, I am flawed and unable to do anything without my Savior. He alone saves me.

3 thoughts on “Hosanna…

  1. Where is this on your body? cause it looks like a belly shot as if you were pregnant, which if you were pregnant, pretty sure its not the best time to be getting a tattoo and not on your belly either – just some random thoughts for you…. 🙂


  2. KRISTA!!!!!!!!!WOWZERS-this is SUPER awesome. I LOVE your way of doing things! 🙂 🙂 :)this is simply stupendous! The meaning behind this tattoo is marvelous and a great way to remind you and keep you in awe of the mighty power of God; how by sending His Son to die on the cross to save us, He really did save us!Thanks for sharing this and…I will miss the young military man too 😉


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