So, it has been a while since I have posted.. Not because I lack things to say, but mostly because every time I have sat down to write, I suddenly go blank. I have made dozens of mental notes to remember things I would like to post about, then I sit down and stare at my screen realizing I have too much to do to sit and type out some ultimately insignificant random thought…

However, I have had lots of random and maybe fun thoughts to share… (whew about time I got some good this year!)

First, lets just start with the weather has begun to turn nice.. (finally!)

The last couple weeks have taken a turn for the much better. None of the pressing issues have changed, but I have begun to settle back into just letting it go, and letting God do His thing in whatever timing He deems necessary… I love being in this stage, life is just easier. haha

I have decided 2010 is not my favorite year. Looking back so far I have had only a handful of days that I can think of that were good days… =/  Not to be confused with a struggling in my faith in Jesus, He is still good, will still be glorified, and I would always choose times like these instead of not seeking Him… But, that doesn’t change that life has been full of struggles and frustrations so far this year..

Work is still a challenge, but easier because I have lots of InDesign projects, so I at least can keep myself occupied and working on fun creative things.

A couple weekends ago I had to work an expo booth in Williamsburg a couple hours away. Which, this of course meant that I had to stay in a hotel by myself for a couple nights.. and to be clear, I love that. I also had to get up obnoxiously early both days.. but while all the attenders were in sessions I was able to read, it was great! I also went out to eat (obviously alone).. and while I don’t mind it at all, Friday night I got lots of “aww you poor thing, out alone on a Friday night…” looks as I ate alone. I found endless amusement in the pity looks as I ate my not-done-enough burger and decent fries while messing around on my phone.

I got dance shoes as a birthday gift from my wonderful friend, so Saturday evening a couple friends came over and we danced for several hours in the kitchen.. It was so much fun, and very therapeutic…

The last two weekends I have been able to get either a pedicure (takes preparing for haha) or a manicure, which lets be honest, is always fun… Plus, this coming weekend two of my friends and I decided we needed time away, so we are taking off for a hide-away weekend doing not much πŸ™‚

I was able to see my sister-in-law a little over a week ago while she was a couple hours away visiting her sisters. It was just so great getting to see her, talk and laugh, and just be family πŸ™‚ I also got to talk to my brother on skype last night.. but we had LOTS of issues with the volume of his mic, so I called and we used the skype video while talking on our phones.. haha

My best friend from college and his wife are making their way down here for Easter.. I AM SO EXCITED to see them! They are always exactly what I need πŸ™‚ Then, I am taking vacation time to head to Charleston.. Yay beach.. I’m so excited!

I FINALLY got my oil changed on my car yesterday… 2,000 miles late.. plus I had a headlight out.. But, thankfully I have these wonderful handy guy friends that enjoy working on cars… or helping out a poor girl who knows not much at all.. πŸ™‚ Next task… cleaning my filthy car… it’ll probably be a bit before I get to that though lets be honest.. haha

I got a new Bible (NASB) and I absolutely love it. I am really excited to slowly work my way through it and mark it all up.. πŸ™‚

One thought on “Whew!…

  1. Oh I've been waiting for your newest post. I miss Krista's Heart :)Sounds like an eventful past week or so. I'm very thankful that nothing went wrong with your car, because of that late oil change! Have a wonderful weekend 'not doing much' with your girlies πŸ™‚


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