Oh The Things We Learn..

So.. in my never ending dramatic comedy called my life…

Today we have a board meeting. I tend to try to wear much nicer dress clothes. Well, since I have been through all of my nicer dress clothes, I decided to buy a new outfit… So, last night a friend and I toodle around and we find the cutest black pencil skirt and white button up top.. Awesome! Both for a total of $27.. Love it!……..

This morning I struggle with the zipper and my roomie helps me “get a running start” and zip it up completely……..

I get to work a few minutes late.. I’ve been at work maybe 20 minutes when the coffee I downed on the way in takes over and I need a restroom break…….

Once I’m getting ready to leave the bathroom I take a quick look at my outfit.. only to discover my zipper seems to have slipped. Weird, so I go to grab it and fix it, only to make it completely zip open, with the actual zipper stuck at the top…. *doh!* So, I spend a few minutes trying to unzip/re-zip/unzip/re-zip…… to no avail. Maybe I have something in my office that’ll help.. So, I make a dash for my office and close the door….

No safety pins, no needle and thread.. nothing. Dang it. So, I begin to enlist for helpful ideas from other girls via facebook and text messages… “staples” “go home” “buy a new one” all helpful, but none practical enough for my situation seeing as I work almost an hour away from home.. or the nearest clothes store.. But, staples seem to be the only option at this point.

Wait, I work at a residential facility!… There has to be SOMEONE who has a needle and thread!!….

I get ahold of a coworker who lives here, and she does have a needle and thread, so she brings me over some.. and I spend the next half an hour… SEWING myself into this skirt lol …. Mind you I bought this thing yesterday… =/

Oh the things we learn to do as girls…

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