Amuse Me…

I cannot help but laugh at just how funny things can be that are normally aggravating or at least ironic. Yesterday is a prime example of the “whoa.. what just happened?!” And for the record.. my day did not get any less entertaining after I was done sewing myself into my skirt…

I love how God uses days like yesterday to remind me of Him (and thanks to my friends who echo His voice to me). My life was crazy yesterday, and lets be honest, I couldn’t have planned a more stressful, obnoxious, ironic, and funny day then I had.. I am convinced I live in a dramatic comedy.. But, through and because of it all I just laughed… and as odd as it sounds it restored so much joy to my soul that I have been missing terribly and trying to get back desperately.

I love how Jesus can use things to just remind me how unimportant it is to stress over the little things. I have said numerous times how much laughter can change things, and this is no exception. There is just something about laughing that makes you feel like “ahh.. ok things will be ok..”

Other random things.. I am going to be a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding in a month.. I’m really excited about it, plus the dress looks super cute! (always a bonus!)… Now to tan a bit so I don’t look pasty…

Also, my passenger headlight went out… after I just replaced the drivers side one three days ago.. and by I just replaced, I mean a friend did it for me haha so.. “I” will have to replace this one now too…. lol I am so very thankful for the guys in my life that so willingly and cheerfully help me with my car repairs. They have no idea how much it means to me 🙂

I am excited (and maybe a little scared too) of what God has planned for the next while… It will be interesting that’s for sure 🙂

One thought on “Amuse Me…

  1. amen, I'm thankful for all the handy men in my life too. Krista, you never look pasty you silly woman. You are gorgeous and if you don't get your sun-kissed skin, it won't matter too much..seeing as how you're there to support your friend and her new life. 🙂


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