Happy Birthday…

So, today is The Boy’s birthday, and I just want to take a little bit to make it clear the things that are wonderful about him… I cannot afford to get him anything expensive, I cannot even afford to get him something he would really love (who knew car things were ALWAYS expensive… haha). But, I do want to make clear the reasons I am proud of him and the things I really like about him more than the average guy I know.

The Boy is insanely intelligent.. He answers the most random questions I have, and can explain anything with incredible patience as I try and understand whatever the topic is for the moment.
He makes me laugh ALL the time… Whether it is some random youtube video we watched that he recites or whether it is an inside joke… I just laugh, all the time. We will be talking, and he gives me these looks in response to whatever I have said that make me laugh because I can read exactly what he is thinking…
He loves helping people, and will go out of his way to do whatever he can.
I am amazed all the time by his ability to read and discern people and situations, he can look at me and tell instantly what is going on, if I am uncomfortable or upset or whether something we are talking about is bothering me… and he can tell if I actually am feeling the way I am saying I am.
He is passionate about all kinds of things, whether it is cars, guns, the army or something else… I cannot help but get caught up in his passion for those things, especially since he does a great job explaining things as he is telling me stories.
The Boy is diligent. Oh my word! I have watched him spend hours doing the same exact thing to get it perfect. It amazes me.
He is constantly selfless, even when he does not feel like doing something, he does it exclusively because someone else needs it.
He puts me before himself more then I could ever ask for… It is very humbling and I appreciate it more then he will every understand.
He is incredibly wise beyond his years, and it comes out every day in various conversations we have.
He does a fantastic job communicating, especially with me! ha! We talk about all sorts of things and we both are able to communicate well, and he does such a great job dealing with me even when I am worked up haha!
He has this amazing ability to see situations for exactly what they are.
He is always straight forward and completely honest, even if I have not asked or thought to ask something, he makes sure I know before it comes up or could be a potential problem later.
He is patient.
He is confident and secure, not arrogant or obnoxious.
He is sound in his belief in Jesus and not afraid to disagree with me…
He is real about his faith regardless of what that looks like, he never tries to add fluff or sugar coat it.
He is protective.. with me and with those around too.. he is observant of his surroundings and aware all the time.
He is motivated and driven.
He is a great man, regardless of what he sees in himself or what those around me do or do not see in him… if he stays my man or not, I am very proud of him, his accomplishments, and goals, and I am really glad and thankful to Jesus daily that he is a part of my life.

I have more… but this is a good start to my list šŸ˜‰

He cannot understand half the things I see and appreciate about him… which allows me the chance to show him… A chance that I am really excited about. But, part of the neat beauty that is having a relationship (whether just friends or more), the other person can look at us and see the true unmitigated picture of who we are without our own biases and frustrations getting in the way.

So, Happy birthday to my boy… You challenge me in new ways and because of you I get pushed closer to our Savior. I appreciate your presence in my life regardless of what happens in the future… šŸ™‚

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