God’s Gonna Do His Ditty…

“God’s gonna do His ditty..”

It’s a quote from a good friend of mine that was hit and killed by a car while he was out walking exam week Senior year of college… I was reminded of this saying yesterday while I was out running errands, and then again when I was talking with a great friend over coffee last night… The thing that I always liked about this quote is the understanding that regardless God is going to do His will.. and we need to be ok with that.

While I was talking with my friend for HOURS over coffee, (which lets be honest the coffee did not last a fraction of the time we talked) I was reminded of several things that I had sort of forgotten, and I was able to talk through various other things that I had been praying and thinking about, but needed the chance to flesh out that I do in fact firmly believe these things… 
Such as, my God is GOOD.. but that does not mean He promises a safe and easy life… However, if I truly believe He is good, then I need to stop worrying about what is coming. I need to completely and totally trust that He has great things for me, even if I cannot see them right now.
I have a list of the type of woman I want to be, and several things on this list have been things that have eluded me.. especially to the degree that I want them in my life. So, last night I got the chance to talk about some of those things, and really just get the chance to solidify in my mind the type of things that I want to do, ways I want to act/re-act, and things I need to let go of. 
The neat thing is, I did not have to detail everything out for her, we sorta just allowed our conversation to include and leave out whatever we needed, but at the same time we were both able to just admit that life is hard.. and sometimes it sucks.. but ultimately, we are very glad and very thankful for where we have been and the things we have learned.
One of the things I touched on and have been thinking since.. I want the “Words of my mouth and meditations of my heart to be please to you my Lord, my rock and redeemer.” .. And, that I do not want to just SAY things, but truly believe and think them inside. Because, lets be honest.. I can fake a whole heck of a lot if I choose to… But, I do not want to fake it, I want it to be genuine, I want to truly and honestly be full of grace, patience, love, and portray and exude kindness as a woman of God.
I also realize that I need to actually be patient if I believe my Savior is good.

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