I do not tend towards being giddy.. I mean, all the time I am easily excitable.. I get loud and animated for pretty much anything haha.. But, the typical “little girl” giddiness really does not happen to me often… And, lets be honest.. I have not been giddy about anything in a very long time… Let me give you a bit of insight into how odd I can be… haha

Last night, I got home from work and running a couple errands, and just had a lot of pent up stress that was threatening to completely run over me again. So, I decided I needed to work off extra energy and I went running. I was annoyed when at 2 miles my knee began hurting again and I had to walk… But, at least I got 2 miles in. Plus, it was hot and muggy enough that I was sweating as though I had just run 10 miles. When I got home, I got a text asking if I wanted to “play with sticks” … which essentially means do some martial arts training.. And, the answer is ALWAYS yes, if I can fit it into my schedule at all. But, the problem in living where I do is, there has been no one who cares to really learn or has the training to actually allow me to get a work out in. So, to be honest, I have not trained seriously in about 2 years. Which, for someone who has had martial arts as a significant part of her life since she was 7, that has posed quite the challenge mentally and physically not to have that outlet… But, such is life, and you must adapt, so I have.

However, last night I got to train. Not the all-out-hardcore until I cannot move type training.. but, I got to begin teaching the basics again, and have my partner pick it up insanely quickly, with technique that is only in need of some basic tweaking. The awesome thing was, once they had the basics, they pushed it, they went harder and faster.. which means that I got to as well. I was impressed though to find that for the most part harder and faster for them did not mean a lack of technique or a loss of the tips and changes I had made to their technique. It was definitely a nice change of pace to teaching… And, since they are a lot bigger than me, it means I have to really be on my game while at the same time allowing my muscles to remember the movements that are so familiar.

Several times last night while we were training, I could not help but just grin because I was doing something that is so intensely familiar and like home, and that I made me a little giddy inside. So, I became a giddy little girl because I got to play with my sticks and do martial arts again. haha I am so weird sometimes… 🙂

One thought on “Giddy…

  1. this totally makes me smile.oh Krista I miss you so very much. I can't wait to run and maul you when I see you next.This Krista, that typed this blog post-that's the one that I miss the most. When I see you so overly happy about something; giddy. ha. so marvelous.


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