So, I feel like the last 6 months have been one continuously growing stress ball…

Like every little thing was just adding more helium to my balloon, and I was getting dangerously close to exploding….

Then, slowly.. little by little I have watched the stress begin to fade, to deflate and dissipate. A whole slew of things are finally changing, such as getting into our new house, getting most of the painting done, some of the moving… Getting the major work projects done, or mostly completed.

The last couple days have been really great. I have gotten all kinds of things done, which always helps me feel better and more accomplished. I have gotten to practice martial arts again, allowing my body to be active and move in familiar patterns again… not to mention, I have gotten to talk about martial arts and allow my mind to dive deep into a topic I am so intimately acquainted with, which, that alone is a huge stress reliever. My roomie finally closed on the house and we began the mass exodus of painting and moving last night… Simply being able to be active and not in a holding pattern has proven to be a huge help for both her and I…

But, mostly, I have been laughing more. And, while I have continued to laugh, I have not laughed even a fraction of the amount that would be considered normal for me in the last several months. I have commented several times that laughter has this weird healing, relaxing, and restoring ability. I am not sure how or why God made laughter that way, but He has, and it is a great thing. What I do know is, I have been laughing a lot more the last few days, and it has been a great thing for me. Last night I laughed a lot while we were painting the new house… It may possibly have been aided by the paint fumes, but, I am ok if that is the case 😉 We had SO much help last night, it was such a wonderful reminder of how our friends are simply amazing.. and dedicated people.. not to mention funny, it was just nice to laugh at funny sayings, inside jokes, voices, comments, hip checking the wall and losing, people singing along with the music… whatever it was. And, even though my painting partner for my bedroom was more entertaining then painting help, it was exactly what I needed.. to just laugh and be kept company.

So, the marathon that is the next week is not over, but I am finding the stress beginning to deflate. Thank you Jesus!

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