My Brother..

Today my older brother turns 27… WEIRD. Haha

My older brother is an amazing man, a fantastic husband, and a wonderful father… among other things of course. We are about as close as people can get who are polar opposites 🙂 We fight and have conflicts all the time, mostly due to the fact that we communicate very differently, but even in the midst of all of that, I know without a doubt that he loves me deeply and would do anything for me… As I would for him. We have the classic “I can call them a jerk, but you cannot” relationship. We have definitely grown to really appreciate each other and see our weaknesses while realizing how we can help each other in those areas without being condescending. We have definitely been through a lot together, and have always sort of had the “unit” approach to the world and each other. 🙂

I love how passionate he is… About so many things.. some of which I am also passionate about, and some of which puts me to sleep when he talks about them 😉 But, I am amazed all the time at how hard of a worker he is, how involved he is, and how important it is that he takes care of those around him. I never ever appreciated his love and care growing up because “I could do it myself” … but, in the last several years I have begun to see how much it has nothing to do with what I can and cannot do, and so much more to do with the fact that he just loves me and cares about me.

I miss him pretty much every day, and random things every day remind me of him and an inside joke, a rough time we had, a funny story we have shared, or just something I know he would get a kick out of… or be fired up about with me. I am so blessed to have him as my older brother, and I love him more than I can really every express to him.

So, Happy birthday Jeavon! I hope you have a fantastic day! Ich liebe dich bruder!

One thought on “My Brother..

  1. Awww. Thank you Krista. 🙂 Your words touch me deeply. Thank you. I enjoy the fact that even though we are opposites, we work like a team. I am so proud of you. Because of the martial arts, we treat each other in a manner that confuses most people. I look forward to seeing you. I love you!Jeavon


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